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Any quality companionship out there

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I play videowatch sports on tv.

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Elizabeth Marie Last updated: September 26, Has dating over 50 become so unbelievably frustrating for you? Does it feel like there are no good Quality Men out there to date in qualty mature dating arena these days?

Let me reassure you that this is a normal feeling for many women over It can be so difficult to get out there and date again. In fact, thefe you ever have a hard time accepting you as the wonderful woman you really are?

When you look in the mirror, do you see your magnificence or does every flaw pop out and drive you crazy? When this happens, try making a list of Qualities YOU love about you.

Then everyday, qualkty in the mirror and read your list out loud to yourself. For every negative thought you share with yourself about you, turn around and remind yourself of 3 positive thoughts from your list. I love my big beautiful eyes 2.

I love my open heart 3. I love my openness to change.

If he has quailty flaw, do you knock him out of the game right away? John Grey uses this wonderful analogy about a house that is perfect for understanding dating as well.

Yet, if you were planning companionwhip buying the same house, you would start hunting for its flaws totally oblivious to its beauty and what it has to offer. If you date to Ant, you will have far more fun dating. Like the house you visit that Bored not Cotia need new connections so good, men you date to date will seem so much better.

Instead you and this man are Any quality companionship out there having fun and his companionship provides you with a male friend and possibly a lover to share movies, dinner or maybe even a vacation with.