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It's like every time you post something you get these negative trolls to quote the Bible against everything. I keep asking myself if it's got to be frustrating Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Clarksville Tennessee you. I seem you want the conversation one way, and the trolls take it another way. Haha, it's not a problem for me, because I'm in control, all I got to do is delete the comments that are not to my liking and keep it moving.

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Ann, I'm glad Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Clarksville Tennessee asked the same thing I was thinking--all the negative comments that appear. It seems a few of the people take glory in setting everybody straight. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Some of them are mean spirited and downright nasty whenever someone does not agree with them or their interpretation of the Word. You would think a Christian they say they are could disagree without being disagreeable. Here's my thing with you, definitely not for argument sakes, but just to ladirs a point.

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You say here, some people take glory setting everybody straight, You also say some are mean spirited and down right nasty. I knw for sure you are talking about me. That Beautifkl the way, does not bother me.

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I hope she is sitting quietly in a corner somewhere. Personally, I was not offended by what you said.

You are entitled Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Clarksville Tennessee believe what you want to, even about me. I'm of the school of thought, is it matters not so much Beautigul others think about me especially these folks here in cyberspace. But what matters is what I think about others. You need to be careful the "mean" things you say about others, especially if you don't Horny ladies Midwest City them saying "nasty things about you.

You appear to be suffering from mote -beam syndrome, a disease Ladiess note that a lot of females have, at least from my observation - no offense. You recognized yourself.

That's great and can be a beginning for better conduct if you're up to it. I'm shocked to see you write, "What matters is what I think about others. Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Clarksville Tennessee did not say those things TO you.

I feel sorry for you. Lkoking probably had some traumatic life experience that caused you to be the way you are. I normally don't "get with" people, but I did that time after reading your condescending, judgement comments. This blog was better before. You Clraksville sanctimonious too?

Paul says matters of "mote-beem" are spiritually discerned.

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Do you think that this tradition originated from the Bible Belt region of the US? Why does this issue of dress keep coming up? The Bible gives clear principles how we should adorn ourselves. It's not a issue, this post is about history, whether you like it or not, how we look influences how we feel I believe once upon a time long ago dressing up made black people feel good, even Woman seeking real sex Fenwood life was hard I love the fact that even in our ancestor worst of times they still made an effort to look nice even in a society that had historically depicted them as unworthy Personally, and in some manner, Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Clarksville Tennessee wish that we could return to this type of thinking.

For me, dressing appropriately, bringing God your bestBeautiful ladies looking sex encounter Clarksville Tennessee a part of the many lessons that one learned in the church that could carry you in every day society.

It's a Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Clarksville Tennessee how many younger people are truly unaware of how to dress properly for certain events ie funerals, the opera, etc. There are young men who have never heard the word "slacks", let alone "dress slacks" and know what they are. Or, the many young men who have no idea of how to knot a tie or bow tie properly. I recall that in my church for those who could not afford a suit or whatever else that it was the Deacons and Deaconesses that took care of the matter without anyone else knowing.

We had our "play clothes", "school clothes", and "church clothes".

We were taught what was appropriate and what was not. But, I do understand the "come as you are" too attitude. And, I Clarkwville say that is the priority.

But, a lot of life's social lessons have been lost with that attitude. Of course, the "bring God your best" attitude can go Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Clarksville Tennessee board too! The House of God is not a fashion house and nor does it have Beautiful couple wants casual dating Independence runway.

To be historic about the entire matter The tradition of "Sunday best" or "Sunday dress" originated in England and the tradition of "high church". It was a way to distinguish classes within congregations.

In the US, both early Methodist and Baptist denominations rejected the notion of wearing fancy clothes to church. Before you knew it - it started the fad that we have today about Sunday dress.

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The argument of "bringing God your best" will wind up in debate as to what one persons best is compared to another persons. Many people don't assemble due to the Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Clarksville Tennessee fact of their clothing Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Clarksville Tennessee being Clzrksville the right class. You're best may be rags to your neighbor If dress is a matter of the heart, what do you think their hearts are saying wearing pink?

Pink is just a color that's not even pink They've agreed to wear "pink" for some program or another as a uniform. More than likely - someone spent money to buy those ties I wonder how many couldn't buy the special uniforms?

I've Clarksvlile that happen with preachers before cassocks, robes, etc. When I say a matter of the heart - I mean clean and modest. Nothing wrong with a color Maybe in America, but green is associated with a Bowling Green a girl having sex lifestyle in Puerto Rico when worn on Thursdays, the rainbow means different things to different people now, etc!!!!

Colors are colors to me, Jacob gave Joseph a coat of many colors If we're dictated by what people not the scriptures think is right - there's a lot of things that people would call other out on.

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I've been told by certain believers that all black gospel is demonic I've heard a lot of stuff in my life time - the doors of the church should always face east - so Christ Besutiful come Ridgecrest girls pictures naked.

Swinging., and other things. It's been tabbo for men to wear pink for Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Clarksville Tennessee long time, at least in this culture. It's just been recently accepted right at the height of the homosexual movement. That fact you can't deny, at least for straight men.

Homos of course had been wearing pink for quite a while. I thinl there may be more to it just being a color. We need to discern the meaning behind these transitional shift.

Black History Month: Why Did Black People Dress Up for Church???

As to music, it is true the emphasis on a certain beats can have an effect on a persons emotion. If music is arranged a certain way, it cam cause the body to react a certain way. Its said that in voodoo, certain beats and cadence are used to drum up spirits. Maybe some self-reflection is Free sex lines in ireland order?

What I find interesting is that you empower an inanimate piece of Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Clarksville Tennessee, a enccounter, with so much Pink is nothing more than a color. I would have to check, or, others check for methat the "pink" is for girls and Clarksvi,le is for boys thing did not exist until sometime in the fifties in this country. Bottom line; If you're confident in your own sexuality, it shouldn't be an issue wearing whatever color you wish.

Beautful not my issue. I just noted a cultural trend. Pink has Tennedsee been associated as a color for women. That was Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Clarksville Tennessee case even before I was born. All of a sudden it's cool now for men to wear pink.

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Definitely a paradigm, and obviously an attempt to blur the genders. All of a sudden it's Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Clarksville Tennessee now for men to wear pink But, it doesn't mean that it was correct. I'd encourage you to study the history of the color.

The color pink originated as a color for seduction and was MOST definitely worn by men--especially men of the French court! Also, in many of the Expressionist paintings men are wearing the color pink. That would probably be sometime during the Victorian era. Probably the negative connotations of the color came into play during Hitler and the Nazi concentration camps.

Mamie Eisenhower, also made the color famous and drew a lot of women to it. But, bottom line