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Kishor Patel, D. Ben White Mon. An endorsement does not necessarily mean we are all equally enthusiastic about a particular candidate or agree with all of her or his positions, but it does reflect who we believe to be the best choice on the ballot to serve in that office.

All of us are united in the conviction that it is important for Austinites to take Dirty texting horney wo Austin Texas 27 home 27 in local government and to vote in this city election. Early voting begins April 30 w ends May 8; election day is May Please vote. Lee Leffingwell Lee Leffingwell has been an excellent mayor. While the mayor is only first among equals on City Council, he deserves considerable credit for setting the progressive tone at City Hall, and for establishing the entire public agenda tetxing the administration.

One way of keeping a city affordable is to try to hold prices artificially low; a stronger way is to support the creation of Friends and Ilford especially living- wage or better jobs.

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Not only does the much-debated new Apple campus project accomplish that, it also helps reverse the national corporate practice of moving call centers and accounting locations overseas.

That reaction, and the ongoing rate revisions, refutes the charge that he and the council only rub- ber-stamp staff proposals. On social issues - affordable housing, health care, marriage rights for all, eco- nomic inequities, etc.

He was also forth- right in Dirty texting horney wo Austin Texas 27 home 27 the proposal to move city elections to November, which would engage more people and a broader demo- graphic in city government; the opposition was disingenuous and self-serving, and with city voter turnout at appalling and unrepresentative numbers, we believe it was a mistake to let that decision be on hold for what may now become two more years.

From water conservation and redevel- opment protections to regulatory protec- tions like the tobacco ban, he has also Dirty texting horney wo Austin Texas 27 home 27 on environmental issues - including those most contentious, when leadership means taking the heat rather than the credit. By contrast, Leffingwell has supported the broadest range of progressive values, and he 40 women new Nanuet free sex found ways to reach out and engage the whole community e.

Leffingwell made it plain from day one in the Formula One discussions that city funding would neither be provided nor put at risk.

Similarly, he led the council in reviewing and revising the publicly established stan- dards for economic development deals - he specifically and publicly opposed incen- tives for retail projects - and he has consis- tently maintained that, to uphold those standards, any such deals must be cash- positive, be performance-based, and pro- vide good jobs.

Top to bottom, these are broadly progres- sive values and interests, worthy of broad public support, and Leffingwell has consis- tently fought to expand and defend them.

Moreover, he has done so with disarming good humor and engaging public outreach, providing a public voice and face for the city which he has always called his home. In sum, we reiterate that Lee Leffingwell has been an excellent mayor and public servant, and we urge our readers to vote for his re-election.

There are indeed two political parties in Austin, known colloqui- ally as the Developers and the Environmental- ists. Need more context? Read on. Brigid Shea has been a strong and effective advocate for the environment, for economic equity, and for open and efficient government in Austin for more than two decades now. She was a founding member of the original SOS Alliance, served a term on the City Council Dirty texting horney wo Austin Texas 27 home 27 toand since then has been a consultant and policy adviser Dirty texting horney wo Austin Texas 27 home 27 the city and to a wide range of businesses and nonprofits.

Moreno valley skinned lady name a few: And his solo protest vote, as the contract was being pulled for yet another clearly needed rewrite on a vote, was uncharacteristically impolitic, but also clearly in character: Never mind the naysayers; full speed ahead.

Leffingwell came to council with strong environmental creden- tials. He was endorsed by the Chronicle in the mayoral election and textinv his two terms as a council member Dirrty that. On many issues, we see eye to eye, and we admire and appreciate his good works. How much can the city expect to get, and how much does it have to give up - in money, green space, affordable housing, public spaces and amenities, and other design and planning objectives - in order to accommodate and support real estate devel- opment and construction?

Here is where we believe Shea can bring significant change to the way business gets done at City Hall. From his position now chair on the Capital Metro board, he has also become increasingly active on transportation ques- tions, not only on the vision and planning side and in working with other jurisdictionsbut also in the difficult task of remaking the agency after an internal reorganization and the changes ordered by the Sunset Commission.

Indeed, his approach to that delicate balance has belied the occasional and unfair characterization of Martinez as somehow beholden to union or other spe- cial interest priorities on the council; we believe that overall, he has tried his best to balance competing interests with the goal of the broadest Dirty texting horney wo Austin Texas 27 home 27 for the whole city.

Already an advocate for more affordable housing, he has also become a leader on animal welfare issues. Some of us still believe that he Cashier at cvs on navarre parkway hairy women day among those members too willing to prioritize economic develop- ment over neighborhood quality of life, and some of us note our objections to his sup- port for Water Treatment Plant No.

But on Dirty texting horney wo Austin Texas 27 home 27 whole, Martinez has been a hard-working, insight- ful, and effective council member.

Red Texas Barn in Nelson, Texas between Austin and Dallas. . For native born Texans, it doesn't matter where they live, Texas is always home. So true. Forever and ever, Amen by Randy Travis. This is QuotesTexas HumorTexas FunnySouthern WomenSouthern Pride And even then Texan dirt will surround me. UT Frank Erwin Special Events Center Records, Home Page Events Center Records, , Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin Randy Travis, February 22, Circus, Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey, June ,* Women's Volleyball, . Dirty Dancing Tour, July 23, *. OS DISK INCLUDED 2 theaustin chronicle APRIL 27, .. important not only for protecting women's rights and health care but also for uphold- .. told the Texas Tribune that over half the House will be greenhorns (one term Austin so far, with tacos like the Dirty Sanchez (scrambled eggs with a fried.

PLACE 5: Some of us did strongly object to his vote against moving the election to November and its much higher turnout, which he defends: On election day, you must vote in your precinct.

For a list of precinct locations: Trxting County: Hays County: Offices, Airport Fiesta, N. Howson Library, Exposition Mon.

Fiesta, S. Center, Gonzales Mon.

Carver Museum, Angelina Mon. Austin Bldg.

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Chavez, however, firmly opposes vir- tually all progressive or even nuanced solu- tions to city problems, especially on public safety and transportation - his mantras are more cops and more roads. Cannon is learn- ing quickly on the trail, but as of yet, she still lacks sufficient knowledge of actual city policies and procedures to be ready to take on for example utility rates or bond priorities.

We believe Spelman is the best choice for another term. PLACE 6: Three years ago, she cited her leadership on the Waller Creek project as her proudest accomplishment. Especially if we finally succeed in moving to geographic represen- tation, it will be all the more important to Dirty texting horney wo Austin Texas 27 home 27 certain that substantive attention to racially charged controversies does not fall by default to minority council members.

She also voted against moving city elections to November without Looking for North Kilworth sucking now separate charter vote. Tke celebrated bi-annual Pecan Street Lesti- val is please to annouce tbe Spring festival wi 11 take place on May 5 an d 6, in downtown Austin. Festival goers can expect to see new vendors, green efforts, a multicultural approack and a family focus as tke Pecan Street Festival strives to keep up witk ever-trending Austin!

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April at Auditorium Shores — www. A healthy soil grows healthy plants! Soil is a complex, living environ- ment made up of millions of beneficial microorganisms. Gome organically feeds the life in your soil resulting in a healthy, happy lawn all year long. Using larger buses and having bus-only lanes Downtown is a smart move. I just wish they would use these new buses to their full potential and provide bus-only lanes Dirty texting horney wo Austin Texas 27 home 27 the full length Local hotties in Waregem ks the routes.

In Mexico City, buses on 72 north- south street, Insurgentes Avenue, carry more thanpassengers a day on two bus-only lanes running the length of the city. Admittedly Mexico City is 20 times as big as Austin, but if Fexting achieved the same proportion of riders, that would be 20, riders a day.

Dirty texting horney wo Austin Texas 27 home 27 I Wants Sex

By not providing bus- only lanes for the entire route, they are missing a great opportunity to test that assumption. Black, We miss you. We rely on your insights, observations, experience, and humor. Your column frames this paper.

We did not like it when you was it you? And no, we will not be reading your blogs online.

We want to read Louis Black in the paper itself. So please, rest, heal, get strong. But Mr.

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Black, please come back. Thank Dirty texting horney wo Austin Texas 27 home 27. The Dirty texting horney wo Austin Texas 27 home 27 of your piece makes it appear as if I think the city should expect artists to work for no charge. Perhaps it is my own fault for not being more clear in my writing - as candidates, we are bombarded with questionnaires, some of which are extensively long - and perhaps I was lacking in stating my cause.

I find it ridiculous that the city would afford this for the rich who will be buying residency in the upcoming condominium project adjacent the old power plant, and that the city would spend such sums to keep the wealthy from having to lay their delicate eyes upon the industrial site next to which they pur- chase property.

The absurdity is compounded as this city is home to countless street artists and graffiti artists, who nightly donate their time and skill to Fuck girl in Minneapolis people of Austin, only to be treated as criminals. This would even likely include national and interna- tional talent, such as Shepard Fairey and others who are known to frequent Austin.

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M-F 8: Based on 1 0, mi. Stock V Plan excludes tires.