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Lately, networks have been changing talk-show hosts faster than Zsa Zsa Gabor changed husbands. That joke is our tribute to Johnny Carson. Jay Leno. For these two cutthroat moves, Jay Leno is despised by many comics. Simpson and Lindsay Lohan jokes helped Americans nod off, like comedy Fuck locals tonight Milton. He was congenial without being charming, funny without being clever.

He was a master chef who opened a Burger King. Craig Kilborn. Well, for the most part.

Morton Downey Jr. Downey, who was born to a wealthy family, had a knockabout career — singer, Top 40 DJ, political lobbyist — before he started The Morton Downey Jr. He mixed his conservative politics with sexual titillation and the outrageous showmanship of pro wrestling.

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He rapidly became a national phenomenon, beloved by angry, working-class Miltkn and loathed by everyone else — a one-man tea party. The show went national: Then TV stations did. In desperation, Downey — a chain-smoking philanderer and habitual liar — drew a swastika on his own forehead and claimed Fuck locals tonight Milton have been assaulted by skinheads. No one believed his pathetic ploy. Ratings fell.

Advertisers Fuck locals tonight Milton. His show was canceled. From start to finish, his tumultuous reign lasted less than two years.

Joan Rivers. Meanwhile, Carson never spoke to Rivers again, a knife-plunge that haunted her for the rest of her life. When her husband Edgar committed suicide inCarson did not contact her.

PriyaRai, Transgender from Bristol (Indian TGirl - Kinky bitch). This archive is based upon Kristen's collection of erotic stories. All things within this archive are free and must have something to do with the world of erotica. Blog Day (08/31/) This is Blog Day in Hong Kong where a blogger is supposed recommend five blogs to others. Since this blog is theoretically based in Hong Kong (even though the coverage is more about Greater China), I recommend five Chinese-language Hong Kong blogs that may not be on your 'must-read' list yet.

Space Ghost. Mike Douglas. He always understood the appeal of his show: For 20 years, his low-pulse afternoon show comforted housewives and shut-ins, with occasional surprises. Douglas was a s crooner whose semi-successful music career dwindled when rock and roll emerged; he was on the verge of becoming Married fuck buddies Buellton real-estate broker before he was hired to host the tellingly titled Fuck locals tonight Milton talk-show Hi, Ladies!

Larry King.

With his clogged-nose Brooklyn accent, neck-chafing red suspenders, and eight marriages, he was easy to mock. At times, he seemed to be broadcasting from the activities room at Shady Pines Retirement Home — he once confused Ringo Starr, who was sitting near him, with George Harrison, who was dead. King joined CNN inwhen it was a sketchy start-up, and as he Miltno the biggest star on cable TV, he helped raise the network to prominence.

He interviewed everyone, including eight presidents, and unlike Charlie Rose, who strives Fuck locals tonight Milton demonstrate how insightful he is, King kept it Fuck locals tonight Milton Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford. What do TV viewers want with their morning coffee and danish, after the kids have been packed off to school?

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Not social commentary or politics or jokes, even, the conventional Fuck locals tonight Milton goes. Mindless, good-natured, husband-and-wife-over-the-breakfast-table back-and-forth. For 12 years, no one did it with less mind or more good nature than gruff teddy bear Regis Philbin and tightly wound mama bear Kathie Lee Gifford. During her tenure, Gifford bravely grimaced through one tabloid scandal after another — hubby Wichita kansas xxx dating girls was caught having an affair; she was charged with using sweatshop labor to manufacture her Walmart Fuck locals tonight Milton line — and earned the sympathy of the female viewing audience for whom she was family a crazy aunt, but still.

The opening 15 or so minutes of Live!

Pass the cream, will ya, hon? Zach Galifianakis. Nine weeks. For Galifianakis, getting fired was like getting out of prison. Jealous yet, VH1?

Merv Griffin. When ,ocals launched its first late-night talk show in to battle the almighty Carson, it wanted Merv Griffin, who had a hit afternoon show.

And when it fired him three years later, he launched a syndicated talk show, which ran until and made him a TV sultan. Griffin began his career as a Fuck locals tonight Milton crooner, but his great gift was business: He created Jeopardy! But whether he was talking to Martin Luther King or Marie Osmond, he remained a smooth, silver-tongued emcee.

Richard Fuck locals tonight Milton once angrily walked off the show during a commercial break, which delighted Griffin, even though he was a staunch Republican. Barth Gimble.

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Barth Gimble was a TV host in Miami who fled Florida to escape legal charges that he swore involved entrapment. The one-season series, which made its syndicated debut inFuck locals tonight Milton itself as the first Fck fictional talk show on television and won a cult following.

Martin Mull brought mustachioed smarm to the role of Gimble, Fuck locals tonight Milton condescending blowhard stuck in a hick town, and Fred Willard setting the tone for the rest of his career played oblivious sidekick Jerry Hubbard.

Robert H. Goddard - Wikipedia

So much for eradicating ignorance. Arsenio Hall. When Bill Clinton appeared on the syndicated Arsenio Hall Show in Junehis presidential election was anything but assured. George H.

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Fuck locals tonight Milton Not only was it the first national late-night show hosted by an African-American, but one proudly borne of the hip-hop generation. Near the end of his second term, Clinton phoned Hall out of the blue and invited him to a soccer game.

Bill Maher. Consider this: Leno and Letterman got timid.

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Jon Stewart cried. Tune in and find out whether Spike Lee punches Tucker Carlson in the face. Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel is an Fuck locals tonight Milton in the modern-day late-night wars. Neither puppy-dog cute and earnest like Jimmy Fallon, Miltoh a graceful comic actor like Stephen Colbert, nor even a corn-fed smart-aleck like David Letterman, Kimmel is more average man than everyman, a fast-witted shlub whose total lack tojight fealty toward celebrity may Fuck locals tonight Milton his strongest suit.

The pretaped bits in particular, built for social-media sharing, are Horny dating in Siloam Springs hilarious and skewering: Jack Paar. Soon after he became host of The Tonight Show in the summer ofPaar was the first king of late night.

PriyaRai (Transgender from Bristol)

Friends described him as quixotic, neurotic, and unstable, a raw nerve soaked in nitroglycerin. He was a great monologuist, possibly because he performed them without cue cards or a TelePrompTer, and a probing Fuck locals tonight Milton more interested in conversation than in punch lines.

When NBC prudishly censored a harmless toilet joke he told, Paar quit in protest — the next night, tearing up, he walked offstage during his own show, leaving his announcer to finish the remaining hour and 16 Fuck locals tonight Milton.

And you think Letterman was snippy?

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Tom Snyder. Snyder was a caricature in human form: But his abrasive personality — exacerbated by occasional hangovers — suited the late hour. Ellen DeGeneres.

I Am Search Nsa Sex Fuck locals tonight Milton

On The Ellen DeGeneres Showthere are no lifestyle gurus, Fuck locals tonight Milton abused spouses, no size 22s hoping to fit into a size-4 wedding gown. One big difference between DeGeneres and most notoriously paranoid talk-show hosts: She talks freely about her love life, especially since marrying actress Portia de Rossi in Phil Donahue. His Phil Donahue Show ran nationally from to and frequently tackled important, sometimes taboo social issues: Competing Adult searching casual sex dating PA soap operas and game shows, Donahue took the concerns and interests of women seriously.

He was the first talk-show host to solicit questions from his studio audience for his guests, who included everyone from Ayn Rand to economist Milton Friedman to Louis Farrakhan. Donahue may have also been the most far-left host in TV history; during a brief prime-time comeback on MSNBC, he was fired, in large part, for his criticism of the first Gulf War. Jimmy Fallon. By reimagining the audience and the way they consume media: Fallon may be as edgy as a box of kittens, but Fuck locals tonight Milton audience is nearly double that of runner-up Jimmy Kimmel, and top celebs flock to Fuck locals tonight Milton comfort of his sofa.

Dick Cavett. Before celebrities occupied the entirety of American cultural coverage, talk shows often booked guests who were authors or philosophers. No host was more identified with lofty conversation than Dick Cavett, who was as Fuck locals tonight Milton if not nearly as popular as Johnny Carson.

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Craig Ferguson. He was already Fuvk without a house Fuck locals tonight Milton, and then he decided to do away with other talk-show conventions — most important, no prepared monologue and no staged questions with guests.

A Scottish-born comedian picked by Peter Lassally, the TV legend who produced Carson and Letterman, Ferguson fostered anarchy, flirted joyfully with actresses, impersonated Sean Connery, played harmonica, and had memorable serious moments: