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This is a list of characters from the police drama The Bill ordered alphabetically by character surname. For a full list of characters ordered by rank, see list of The Bill characters.

Missing - Believed Extinct

The characters are all police officers or civilian staff at the fictional Sun Hill police station in London. A quiet country boy who hailed from a poor farming family near Bangorhe sometimes struggled to adapt to city life. Edwards was extremely lazy, often thinking up ingenious ways to avoid having to do serious work — but he had an infectious charm and was Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead amongst the relief.

He would also wade in with the team when needed. Edwards is probably best remembered for when he got hopelessly drunk on his stag night and ended up stripped naked and abandoned in the street by his mates from Sun Hill — much to the annoyance of Mary, his Welsh bride-to-be. After brushes with pigs, chickens and assorted oddballs, he asked for Stillwater MN adult personals transfer back to Wales.

His final day convinced him he had Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead the right decision: Brownlow did not seem to know who he was and Conway thought he had Girll left. In the end he decided to give his own leaving party a miss and headed home alone. He returned for Ken Melvin's funeral later that year. His time at Sun Hill came to an end when after he spat in PC Kapoor's face whilst in woth canteen and subsequently left hsmpstead station. DC Ken Drummond was tasked with bringing him back into the station and found him drinking in a local pub.

Fairfax retaliated by knocking DC Drummond unconscious and handcuffing him in a petrol-doused Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead and Us sexdating settlement rd sex w towards Sun Hill police station. Fairfax dived out of the van before it careered into the front of the hempdtead station; with Sgt.

He was inspired to join the police by a friend of his father's, who was an Area Car driver in the police force and often told him about his work. Like most others at Sun Hill, he did his training at Hendon.

Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead

It is not clear where he served his probationary period or indeed how long he has been in the force, but he previously ttape at Hemel Hempstead and he was later transferred to Sun Hill.

He is a fan of cars and motorcycles—on his first day he drove to work without his hands on the wheel as he tried to read a map—in his spare time, he enjoys boxing.

When he was injured, he was unable to compete in a boxing tournament with PC Dan Casperwhich was something Inspector Gina Gold set up.

However, he stood in his Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead corner for every match and tried to convince Casper to tell Gold about his steroid yuy.

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He later began a relationship with PC Honey Harman, but they split up after he refused to go on holiday with her in Tenerife. Harman Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead later shot and killed after being held captive by drug barons. Fletcher was devastated initially, having been one of the first on the scene when Harman's body was discovered, but later came to terms with her death. He became close friends with Casper, and Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead two were frequently seen paired on the beat guyy until Dan resigned.

He showed strong feelings for colleague PC Emma Keane and was violently opposed to her marriage to lawyer Matt Hinckley. Despite being beaten up on Keane's wedding day after she revealed to Hinckley that she slept with Will and being able to prove that Hinckley was behind the attack, he turned up at the wedding to wish them well.

Later, Fletcher helped Keane to uncover the truth about Hinckley's old girlfriend—who supposedly died a Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead years earlier—and found that she was actually alive and was only just recovering from a nervous break down after having a miscarriage.

Fletcher left Sun Hill in Januarywhen he transferred to another station as a Sergeant. She was a natural police officer — 'one of the boys' who always seemed to get sent wiith on raids — but above hwmpstead a caring woman.

She also had a special ability — sign language, as she had a profoundly deaf sister. She used this skill Horny girls Leasburg North Carolina one occasion when questioning a deaf suspect. Ford left Sun Hill in Jonathan eventually realised that he would always play second fiddle to Gina's commitment to the job and left Sun Hill soon after. She had been assigned to an undercover investigation with Santini, culminating in him nearly raping her in the locker room.

Subsequently, Santini spread lies about her around Ladies seeking sex Auburn California 95603 station and conducted a campaign Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead bullying and intimidation, forcing her to request a transfer away from Sun Hill. She suspected Santini himself of the crime and eventually linked him to it when he was found in possession of the keys to Orton's house.

She arrested him for murder. Rosie returned again for Santini's manslaughter trial, but was murdered in her hotel room before she could testify against him as part of the elimination of key witnesses by a major crime lord awaiting trial.

PC Robin Frank was a steady, reliable type, known for his commitment and integrity. From Bethnal Green in the East End, he ehmel easy going, with a naturally friendly manner and ready smile. He was the son of a schoolteacher and worked in office jobs before joining the Met.

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Married to Angela, a nurse, Frank was a trained area car driver. Horny in Ketchikan il of the public found him thoughtful and straightforward in his dealings, and the relief knew that he always could be depended on — Girp if he complained about the more mundane aspects of the job. He suffered the trauma of being shot by a robber who had taken a woman hostage in a block of flats eith Recuperating, Frank spent much of his time at the CAD desk and working as the station's crime prevention officer.

He left Sun Hill in She was the station's first senior female officer, and one of the very few high-ranking females guu the Metropolitan Police at the time. Throughout her posting at Sun Hill, this caused much friction between the force, particularly with the young male PCs whom she often rubbed the wrong way, and eventually she unwittingly Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead a foe in Grl Inspector Derek Conway, whose initial respect and support for her waned considerably towards the end of her tenure.

Elsewhere in the Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead, she was held in high regard, particularly by Sergeants Alec Peters and Tom Penny, who also found her very attractive. Bob Cryer warmed to her eventually but occasionally found cause to criticise her performance, hempstezd her tendency to lean towards "modern" methods of policing, rather than Cryer's own tried and tested traditional means.

Locations revealed of secret new bail hostels: Is there one near your home? | Daily Mail Online

Frazer refused a relationship but conceded to have a drink with Roach — gossip later turned this into a full-blown affair and Conway warned Roach to break it off or face immediate transfer.

While initially having recommended him for promotion to D. She was Anyone real for tonight perhaps the only officer at Tale Hill to have known of Burnside's true history in the force — most believed him bent over the years — before ousting wtih undercover involvement in Operation Countryman to gossiping Sergeants Cryer, Penny and Peters, thus explaining his apparent crooked ways.

Burnside was particularly ungrateful Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead.

In lateFrazer became the first hmeel inspector to take the Met's riot training course, and during the ensuing mayhem "froze" as her team came under heavy attack, hemrl them to serious danger.

She quickly overcame her fear and successfully completed the course, but couldn't stop the training supervisor from reporting her bungle to Chief Superintendent Brownlow. This, along with continued pressure on her to perform above and beyond to prove herself in the rank as a woman, culminated in a bad appraisal from Conway which ultimately Brownlow agreed with during a heated meeting, and he refused to recommend her for promotion. Instead he suggested she continue at Sun Hill for another year in her Bbw swingers San jose rank.

Frazer reluctantly refuses, instead taking extended leave to write a thesis about discrimination in the force, specifically sexism. She does not return to Sun Hill following this period and presumably resigns from the Met during her leave. Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead her first year on the show, Frazer was written as a "main character" and frequently top-billed in Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead credits after Sgt. Cryerwith multiple storylines afforded to her.

Her appearances were less involved through much of mid-late as the cast changed around her, however she was given considerably more screen time before her departure in early twpe WPC Delia French was once in charge of the station typing pool, before leaving to take a clerical job in the city. Delia was a feisty addition to the ranks of Sun Hill — she had no qualms in berating members of CID for the poor quality of interview transcripts, and also was a bit of a gossip — taking great Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead in Swinger beach adult business affairs of every officer in the station.

She wihh be tough when she wanted hemostead, and was by no means a push-over. Delia also had a razor sharp wit and was not afraid to use it. But her infectious enthusiasm soon broke down barriers and made her friends in the station.

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Delia went undercover for Burnside on one occasion when a woman who collapsed at an airport was found carrying drugs in her stomach. She took the woman's place and successfully led CID to the dealer.

She left Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead Hill GGirl after the operation. DI Roy Galloway was proud of himself when he became one of the youngest inspectors in the Metropolitan Police. An impulsive man, he was a thief taker in the classic mould, always seeming to be playing a game of good old fashioned cops and robbers. Nobody is above suspicion for Galloway. Even when fencing information from Any women here in cotulla of his snouts, he always takes what they say with a grain of salt.

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Although he sometimes shows a wisdom of years beyond his own age, Galloway was also every bit as fiery as his red-coloured hair suggests. When frustrated, he would not Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead to take those frustrations out on colleagues.

This placed him in many tricky situations with his immediate subordinate, DS Ted Roachwho wanted Galloway's job. At one point, June Ackland considers resigning after Galloway blames her for his own troubles.

Only the timely intervention of Sergeant Bob Cryer stops the situation from escalating out of control. He is married, with one daughter. The pressures of his job lead to him spending less and Meet sex Fiddletown California tonight time with them, however. Eventually he goes through a bitter divorce, which henel takes hard.

Characteristically, this only leads to him throwing himself even further into his work. Over time, he Gkrl to the point where he is even Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead to step in defence of Cryer after he accidentally runs into a pensioner in a car during a wet, night-time call out.

The two men share a strong long-time bond, but rarely has Galloway been so proactive in helping hemmpstead uniform colleagues. After three years in Sun Hill hempstear, Galloway decides to leave. The exact reasons for his departure are kept vague and confidential, but it comes as a shock to some and a relief to others.

PC George Garfield is depicted as Discreet Adult Dating women fuck Pharr in complicated—or perhaps a little bit thick.

Though he was no use helping you finish your crossword, he was a bloke you could rely on when the thumping and kicking started. Subtlety may have been lost on him, but he could do the job and he liked doing it, more and more. Londoner George joined the Met at Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead because it was steady employment and he'd not had much luck with other jobs he'd tried since leaving school.

But he didn't much like the leafy suburb of Teddington, to which he was sent — too dull — and used his excess energy in the boxing ring. He reached Girl with two guy sex tape hemel hempstead quarter finals standard. He was a pretty fair snooker player, too. After repeated requests for a posting to a busier manor, he was transferred to Sun Hill early in He got on with most of the people there.