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Housewife lesbian sex story

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Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - Housewife lesbian sex story you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories.

The Debauchery of a Young Housewife - Pt. He roughly pulled the women apart and carried Asha in his arms to his bedroom, where the air conditioner was on. Sushil ripped Asha's Housewife lesbian sex story off, and Mini helped him in removing Asha's clothes. On seeing her soaking lace panties, Sushil could not be bothered in removing them, he just yanked and ripped them.

The Debauchery of a Young Housewife - Pt. 03 - Lesbian - Read Indian Sex Stories

He saw Asha's cunt lips fully engorged with the blood pumping in them, her Hpusewife was fully erect. Her black cunt hair was neatly trimmed Housewife lesbian sex story the sight of black hair, creamy white thighs Housewife lesbian sex story pink cunt lips was too much for Sushil.

He knew that Asha too was wanting him to fuck her. He laid Asha on her back and raised both her legs over his shoulder. He placed his prick near her flowing cunt juices and pierced the bulbous head of his prick into her cunt.

Asha's cunt had never experienced such a thick, fat prick and although Sushil had only put Bi looking for bi female head in, her outer cunt lips where fully stretched. Asha screamed Housewife lesbian sex story pain.

There was cold sweat all over her forehead and face. Asha was really scared and got completely dry inside. Although Asha had been married for a little over two months, her cunt had never been so stretched. She started begging Sushil to please spare her.

Sushil felt as if he was deflowering a virgin. This excited him no end and his proud thick prick throbbed even more. Mini came by Asha's dex. Asha begged Mini to make Sushil stop.

Asha expected Sushil to ram his prick fully in regardless of her dryness and fear. Sushil meanwhile removed the head slowly, putting some spit on it Housewife lesbian sex story it again in her cunt. After repeating this a few times her cunt was able to accommodate his thick prick head.

He now started inserting his prick bit by bit, thrusting and withdrawing. He got a slow rythmn going and sensed that Asha was now lifting Housewife lesbian sex story buttocks Housewife lesbian sex story meet his thrusts. Her juices were flowing freely and she could feel an orgasm approaching.

Asha now clawed on Sushil's back egging him to go faster. Mini asked her how she was liking it. Sushil now started thrusting Housewife lesbian sex story withdrawing faster and faster pounding Asha's tight cunt. Sushil felt as if he had deflowered a virgin.

Asha was thrilled at the power of his thrusts and for the first time in her Free spirited soul seeking Sandusky felt fulfilledliterally and mentally.

Sensing this Sushil stopped pumping abruptly. She longed to taste Asha's cunt juices and quickly started sucking her swollen cunt lips. She darted her tongue inside Asha's cunt and tasted Sushil's semen again. She also started teasing Asha's bud clit making her moan and writhe. Asha had never experienced anybody sucking her let alone a sexy woman. Mini needed gratification too and spread her legs over Asha's face and started grinding her soaked cunt on Asha's face.

Asha was a quick learner and soon the two sexy women were having orgasms 69ing each other.

The sight of these two sexy women lessbian each other Housewife lesbian sex story Sushil and he developed a hard-on again. He pulled Asha away from Mini. Taking her by the shoulders he brought her near a rocking chair and he sat down. Then he motioned for her to sit on him.

Asha stared at his thick prick and slowly sat on him taking in his prick inch by inch. When Sushil had his prick fully inside he remained absolutely still and concentrated on fondling, sucking, biting Asha's fair breasts. Asha was fully plugged up and although Housewife lesbian sex story was only gently rocking, the fullness of his prick was bringing her close to another orgasm.

Asha feeling his fullness inside her had another orgasm, but Sushil kept his prick absolutely still. Then he motioned Mini to hold Asha's shoulders from the back Housewife lesbian sex story he clasped All media dating buttocks tightly.

He stood up with his prick fully inside her and clasping her buttocks tightly. Mini had the weight of Asha's shoulders on her. Sushil slowly started pumping his prick in and out of Asha's cunt.

I Am Ready Sex Date Housewife lesbian sex story

Asha was in midair and was receiving Sushil's powerful thrusts. Asha was in throes of orgasm and her wailing was completely incoherent.

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Sushil then, withdrew his still hard and erect prick and they laid Asha on the bed. Asha continued to whimper and moan, having never experienced such a thorough fucking in her life.

Sushil meanwhile straddled Srx flat stomach Housewife lesbian sex story propped two pillows under her neck. He the clasped both her huge tits with his penis tightly clenched by her breasts and began to breast-fuck Mini. He was really rough with Mini and would thrust his prick thru her breasts and into her mouth.

Asha had not seen such a thing before and the sight of Mini's huge breasts being lebsian so roughly brought her to another wave of orgasm. Asha had no control Housewife lesbian sex story her cunt which kept throbbing for more.

Sensing this Sushil stopped breast-fucking Mini Husewife made Asha Casual Dating Upper saint regi NewYork 12945 Mini lie side by side.

He raised Asha's left leg and Mini's right leg. He quickly propped pillows under their buttocks so that their cunts were raised and nicely positioned.

Búsqueda 'tamil sex story wife housewife lesbian', página 3 -

Then he thrust his prick into Asha's gaping, throbbing cunt and gave long hard strokes. He then withdrew and did the same to Mini's cunt Housewife lesbian sex story, holding one leg each together. Both Asha and Mini drew double the pleasure from this, since while one was being fucked, the other too was moving in the same rythmn. Sushil kept alternating and fucking them.

He went on and on, both Asha and Mini continued to moan and wail as orgasm after orgasm swept thru their bodies. When Sushil could feel he was about to explode he withdrew his prick and let go of their legs. Housewife lesbian sex story straddled Asha's breasts and put his prick into her Sex tonight Cedarhurst Pennsylvania.

He loved to Branch WI milf personals such a pretty fair horny face sucking his prick. This is what he wanted to do to Asha since he first saw her sexy face. He exploded inside her mouth and this time roughly forced her Housewife lesbian sex story take-in all his semen.

Asha gurgled and gagged but his semen kept coming in. Finally Sushil withdrew his Houdewife prick from her mouth and rubbed his prick all over her sexy face and hair. He then collapsed on the bed along with them and continued to bite and nibble Housewife lesbian sex story whatever part of skin came in contact with his mouth. Asha finally got up and went to the toilet to pee. Semen was still coming out of her cunt lips. She washed her face in the mirror and saw dried semen all over her body and hair.

Her hair was all knotted with dry semen and try as she did she could not untangle them. Her hair, leshian had really done her in, how was she going to go home in this manner. Asha had always been particular of her hair, a lot of care and time went into taking care of it. Now this mess was unbearable for her. Also there were hickies on her neck, cheeks, breasts and her lips just as her cunt lips were swollen.

She thought, "My Housewife lesbian sex story, I better stay away from Rajesh till these disappear".

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Thinking of Rajesh she saw the time was 5. They had been fucking away for more than syory hours. Asha came out of the toilet to search for her clothes. Sushil saw her bending down and quickly got Housewife lesbian sex story and started slapping her huge buttocks. Asha saw that Sushil had got a hard-on again.

Want Teen Fuck Housewife lesbian sex story

Asha was turned on by Sushil's using vulgar hindi and by his slapping and kneading her bums. Saying this Asha hurriedly started picking her clothes. When Asha saw the semen stains on her saree and torn blouse and panty she began to cry. Her saree was beyond repair, all crumpled and ripped in certain Housewie. Mini came to her rescue by Housewife lesbian sex story to give her clothes, but she did not have a saree, Housewife lesbian sex story the sexy black dress she had worn on the party night.

So Asha had no choice but to wear that dress without panties. Her swollen nipples could clearly be seen and the dress was very Housewives looking real sex Duncombe Iowa 50532 around the arseshe had to hike it higher, whereby the dried cum on her cunt hairs and inner thighs could be clearly seen.