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I Am Searching Horny People I am looking for the right woman

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I am looking for the right woman

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W4w I'd like to learn how to play guitar or just sit around and sing songs with someone who can. Dominant and authoritative female, seeking black, sane, fit, alonenot attached gentleman in his 30-50's. There are also numerous cafes within walking distance.

Age: 46
Relationship Status: Dowager
Seeking: I Want Sex Meeting
City: Marietta, GA
Hair: Blond copper
Relation Type: Horny Cougar Want Cougar Sex

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One sentence which probably many singles get to hear from their friends is: Well, sorry, but I never said that I am looking for the perfect woman. I think many friends think that, when you are a bit longer single, you are looking for something perfect.

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The perfect match with the perfect partner. It is nice that they care, but they are wrong.

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I am not looking for a perfect woman — I am looking for the right woman. That is a difference. A perfect woman — perfect match — would be very boring, I believe.

First of all is that really hard to find if any way possible. Your partner would think like you, would have the same hobbies, the same feelings, would like the same food, the same drinks, the same taste of music, movies and would have the same interests.

Never differences or other opinions. What would be interesting about it.

No discussions about nothing. Always the same opinion. The right woman is the woman which makes me happy more then everybody else.

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With which I can imagine to sit even with 80 years on a park bench next to each other. A woman who shares many of my preferences.

A woman with which I can and I want to talk about everything. A woman I want to love… because I think she deserve it. It sounds like a perfect match.

Every human has his own opinions. Maybe she has another taste of music.

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Well, ok, I can live with it. That is the thing… to find someone who is different, but still fit. Not the taste of music or food or drinks or whatever makes love. The whole person is important. It will not fit if we have nothing in common… that lookinb for sure.

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But not everything has to fit. The most important is the feeling I have when I am with someone together from the first moment. If I feel good with her, ror it is a great start.

And everybody has his own opinion about what need to fit and what not. Everybody has other priorities. My most important one is how I feel when we are together.

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As I said on the main page already. This webpage is make the first contact… nothing else. I need to see, smell, touch, talk, etc. That are the things which really matters and connect.

To make a conclusion before I totally get off the subject. But in my eyes she is perfect enough that I want to spend rigth whole life with her. It sounds confusing, I know.

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But I believe you know what I mean. What do you think? Ciao Gordon.