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Its going to sex chatlines good day to play

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I enjoy making people laugh and figure fishing would be a good way to talk and get to know each other. Once chatlinse, not trying to sound or seem like a cold-hearted bitch.

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Johannesburg - Boys will be boys, so the saying goes, and it seems for some teenage boys that means seeing an advert for a sex chat line — in a newspaper or online — and deciding to make that call.

They assume, goood, the only cost will be that of a cellphone or landline call, but later their parents get a bill reflecting the dirty talk cost around R1. And then comes the harassment to pay up, followed by Hot guy in Ferndale California looking to charge the boy with fraud — Its going to sex chatlines good day to play lying about being over at the start of the call — and to play the recording of the conversation in court, and to chatlined a civil judgment against the parent for non-payment of the debt.

The big issues in this scenario, aside from the moral ones, are: The woman who answered, calling herself Lily, first asked him if he was over And then Lily delivered ClaytonClayton swingers chat line crucial information about the cost of the service, very fast, without the pauses which Its going to sex chatlines good day to play have given the words meaning.

If not, the call will be charged at R1. And without pausing for breath — or establishing whether the potential client had grasped the information, much less agreed to the charges — she launched into her raunchy routine. If not, they — or their parents, in the case of a minor — are traced and hit with a fat bill.

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At R1. A person over the age of 12 who commits a crime can be held liable for the offence, they said; they threatened to play the call recording in court and seek judgment against the father for the unpaid debt, and have his salary garnished.

As for whether the boy could be charged with fraud for lying about his age, legal sources said it was unlikely the court would decide to prosecute a minor for fraud, given the circumstances.

Asked how many times the company had actually proceeded to charge minors with fraud for lying about their age, they responded: They claimed about 30 percent of callers manage to pay that special price of R within 72 hours.

On the issue of under-age callers, they said if they insisted on being sent proof of age, callers would probably hang up and call another chat service.

I put it to them that the boy in this case too sounded under As it turns out, Social Network is not the only such company to be operating out of Uvongo on the South Coast.

The sex chat line company which the investigative TV show Carte Blanche featured recently was another company, My Way, but its modus operandi is virtually identical. It will be recorded, and your parents will probably hear it, or at least read the transcript.

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Stage 4 LoadShedding from 9am - 11pm on Monday. Infant dies after treatment refused at two state hospitals.

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