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I don't discriminate, meaning if you are curious, bi, discreet, lesbian etc. If I had to describe you, it would be a sboobsy, playful and witty woman where we sit at the bar having cocktails, in which the temptation and chemistry bubbles over.

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I Wanting Sexy Dating Ladies get your hair done by me

Nail salons have always made me uncomfortable. The truth is that the source of my discomfort is much more mundane: So I do my nails myself.

I always say yes. The appeal of the nail salon is immediately obvious: And unlike other traditional female-bonding activities like shopping, it invites far less physical comparison and sizing-up. Every woman has fingernails, and every woman likes to see them trimmed and painted to her taste.

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The only way that you can have something decadent for a cheap price is by someone being exploited. Your discount manicure is on the back of the person giving it.

To get a manicure is to be catered to for 45 minutes — or much longer, if you get some elaborate acrylics. While the polish dries, you are a woman of leisure, unable to so much as lift your own handbag or flip the pages of Us Weekly.

The language barrier between the customers and the nail techs is a positive feature for some salon regulars. Beautifully groomed hands and painted nails are associated with powerful women, not those who work for a low hourly wage.

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InThe Wall Street Journal documented the dubious odne of professional women having meetings at the nail salon. And last year, the consulting giant McKinsey used free manicures to recruit female MBA students at Stanford, with some observers commenting that getting manicures had become the female equivalent of playing 12 holes of golf at an exclusive country club.

yor Unlike other services that help some women find professional freedom, such as paying another probably poorer woman to care for her kids or clean her home, manicures are a way of outsourcing labor that women previously did for themselves in a way that seems relaxing and fun. Paying for a manicure was not, until last week, a political choice.

Could you please slow down? The less distance you have from the women doing your nails, the less luxurious and relaxing the experience seems to be. In California, at minimum, you can look for salons that meet Healthy Nail Salon standards.

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And on Sunday, New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced emergency measures to protect salon workers with a new task force that will conduct site-by-site investigations and institute new safety rules.

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