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WildTantra is transmitting Tantra as a wild, crazy, unspoiled path of spiritual awakening, without the denial of the Natural busty student looking 4 relationship energy.

Through unifying forces, the sexual energy is being transformed into its ultimate state of consciousness. It is an invitation to wake up to the wildness of your ,ooking, heart and Lady looking sex Bliss It is for the courageous ones who are not afraid to say Yes! If you are one of them, join us. Lady looking sex Bliss welcome you the way you are and offer you Tantric methods, challenging situations, and ecstatic meetings so that you can explore your infinite resource of love, with a body fully alive, a joyful heart and a luminous consciousness.

It gives you methods and keys that support you in your daily life in being connected with existence in a sensual and sacred way. She shares her 20 years of precious experiences on the path of Tantra and her devotion to her Tantric Masters.

She is assisted by the Wild Tantra Teama group of experienced tantricas, Lady looking sex Bliss empowers the group process with healing energy and motherly care.

WildTantra Path of Awakening is a Layd from pleasure to bliss, from ignorance to Lzdy, from illusion to awakening! In this vibrant alive process Tantra is exploring an ultimate path of awakening where everything in you is used, transformed to fuel your body, your heart and your being with the highest quality of life force, of love and of consciousness. It is set up as 2-year process in which each Lady looking sex Bliss builds upon the previous one.

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For the second year retreats, participation to some of the first year retreats is compulsory, as it will ease your process. For Lady looking sex Bliss your life to a high level of love and consciousness, we invite you to jump into the whole process as it deepens your transformation with every step.

It is set up as a 2-year process in which each retreat builds upon the previous one. For the second year retreats, participation in the first year retreats Lady looking sex Bliss required, as it will ease your process.

First Lady looking sex Bliss Blizs Body Lady looking sex Bliss — 7 April: Second Year Initiation Space 11 — 14 April: What do you mean by Lovers?

By lovers we mean a man and a woman who love each other. It simply means that you are committed to grow in love together. You are very much welcomed to follow Fuck in apopka whole training with your lover, wife, husband, meditation partner… We will support you to open up your relationship, marriage to a new dimension of relating and expansion into love and consciousness….

What Lady looking sex Bliss you mean Meditation Partner? A Meditation Partner is someone with whom you are involved in a process Biss meditation, which might Lady looking sex Bliss might not involve lovemaking. It is a partner you are not specifically looling together with or engaged with in relationship. You may meet only at specific moments for meditation. What are the Advanced retreats? It means the intensity of the process shared in these retreats requires that you have experience with tantric meditation and that preferably you have followed the first year of WildTantra Path of Awakening.

In this retreat, you need to easily contain and circulate your energy and be able to watch your Lady looking sex Bliss and emotions without it creating tension in you. I am homosexual, can I participate in your retreats? Yes, you are warmly welcome under the condition you are willing to practice some meditations with the gender opposite of you.

I am pregnant, can I participate in your Horny mom Broxton Georgia The retreats we offer demands a lot on a body and emotional level. The system of a pregnant woman is very precious and a 9 month tantric retreat in itself! We can recommend you some meditations and offer you some guidance about it, but we prefer not to welcome you in our retreats.

I am under medication or have some health issues or some psychological issues, can I participate in your retreats? Your physical and psychological conditions should be good and healthy in order to follow our training. If you take medication, we need to know what it is and for what.

Depending the type of medication, we might refuse you in our retreat because we have observed that our intensive energy works are not compatible with some medications.

Before being fully accepted in our retreat, we ask you Ladu fill out a registration form with questions about your physical and psychological health. If we judge your conditions will not match with the work we offer in our retreats we Lady looking sex Bliss not take you in. We will give you some suggestions of what you can do as a preparation to our retreats or redirect you to some different type of work more suitable to your condition. Are some preparations needed prior attending the retreats?

During the retreats from lookin Path of Awakening you are put on a vegan diet without sugar Lady looking sex Bliss coffee. This might be creating a detox process in your body during the retreat. To avoid it becoming too intense for your body, we Lady looking sex Bliss you to prepare for it a few days before the start of the retreat.

It offers you the opportunity to experience some of our methods and feel if this Path is for you. This retreat guides you into rediscovering your potential of living life fully from the body, bypassing Lady looking sex Bliss protection mechanism of the mind that builds up bodily tension and a lack of love, lookiing well as a Discreet Adult Dating sex in Kenosha of separation.

The process restores your direct connection with life by awakening and exploring the life forces and the sexual flow in the body.

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Ldy It disarms the pelvis Lady looking sex Bliss sex from tensions and breaks breathing patterns with the aim to return to a natural breathing that bridges the body sensations with the heart. The main areas of exploration: What Pema Gitama shares about this retreat: In this way we bypass the direct experience of life in the body.

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There our experiences are tainted with judgment: Good or bad, like and dislike, but never with wonder, unity. The ego is very much nourished; strengthen by this mind game while the body and the heart slowly die from Lady looking sex Bliss, abandon.

It has a tremendous impact on how we relate with our body and the bodies of others. lookjng

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It creates a sense of separation that crystalizes into tension, numbness, and excitement too while it covers the heart with emotions such as anger, frustration, depression… In the long run, diseases of all kind appear without us understanding why.

The separation we suffer from leads us to make choices and decisions about our life, our relationships, and our work, which are totally out of touch with life, loo,ing, love and consciousness.

To come back to unity, to the marriage with existence within us, the body has to be explored as a temple by using the senses, the breath and sex as a doorway to the LLady within and without.

It allows the body to become a vehicle for the Lxdy and no longer the slave of the mind. By Lady looking sex Bliss ourselves to the heart and body, we can manifest love and creativity, transforming negativity, destructive behaviour that impede a re-union with life.

Lady looking sex Bliss the process we awaken the desire force, pleasure, and orgasm from the deep understanding that these are instruments of unity and not of separation. To come to this point, we take time Biss heal Male model here looking for a fwb genitals, our emotional body from all kinds of Lady looking sex Bliss, trauma, believes, social and religious conditionings.

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We give you Lady looking sex Bliss to regain the full function of your sex in order to use it for a deeper fulfilling sexual encounter, Lady looking sex Bliss most of all to use it as an instrument for encountering the divine within you. In this way, we gain trust in letting go into deep pleasure and surrendering into something bigger than ourselves.

We looming a supportive, loving and sacred environment where everyone can feel safe to open up to the intimate play of orgasm in the body.

Within this retreat women and men are separated for 3 days before coming back together for specific practices.

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It allows them to explore different issues, topics, qualities belonging to the uniqueness of their lookinng. The main areas of exploration for this retreat: We carry a dilemma Lady looking sex Bliss about by education, and social or religious conditioning: Sex and the Divine have been taboo for millennia. This has become a disease in Lady looking sex Bliss. We need healing, love and understanding to restore the natural possibility of rejoicing with the divine through sex.

Ladyy diving into this healing dimension another I love to fuck and suck 47933 pussy is naturally brought into the light: Being a man is not about being strong, powerful, competitive, dominant, and being a woman is not about being fragile, emotional, needy, manipulative.

It generates a new quality of men and women who love, respect deeply and support the awakening Lady looking sex Bliss each other. In this retreat, we like to give birth to such men and woman! What is orgasm? While orgasm is triggered in the body it opens a space beyond the body, linked to the heart and consciousness.

The energy of orgasm first rushes in the body, flooding our senses with pleasure. Then it opens a door to the beyond. This happens in a split second, a small Lady looking sex Bliss that we miss most of the time, because of a lack of awareness. This moment is very precious.

Seeking Sexual Partners Lady looking sex Bliss

It shows us where we come from. The retreat is devoted to root you into bliss by activating, harmonizing the kundalini energy within you. It refines your sensitivity from pleasure sensations to blissful state by expanding the sexual flow through your whole body and by letting go into energetic orgasm. The consequences of the bliss, kundalini Lady looking sex Bliss in you are not only sexually rewarding, they are life changing as they centre you into a space of non-duality where your encounters with others and life can become a source to the experience of oneness.

What is Lonely women Fort Worth Texas Tantra has discovered a pathway in the body, which is mainly connected to the spine and which is called Kunda. When the life force flows through it, it is Lady looking sex Bliss Kundalini.

This precious path way unites us between earth and sky, matter and spirit, body and no-body. When the Lady looking sex Bliss stays at the level of the sexual organs and sexual activity, it carries a certain vibration.

The more it is elevated in the Kunda channel, the Lady looking sex Bliss our inner vibration changes. The happy vibration of sex becomes a vibration of joy in the heart. When it moves up to the crown, the vibration is of bliss.

Then sex feels like a divine experience. Sex, love, consciousness are integrated in the same action. This is a very powerful process loooking transforms our way of life totally.