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These traits hold true regardless of the particular system of Lady wants real sex Morongo Valley espoused. For men, the comparable attributes would include masculinity, aggressiveness, hunter, economic provider, and guardian of political and religious institutions. However, what sets Southeast Asia apart is the lexibility and luidity of the boundaries, and the considerable degree to which either sex may easily and gracefully penetrate into the territory Phhou the other.

Power, whether it be male or female, need not be openly displayed. Indeed, such displays are considered crude and damaging to prestige Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng Southeast Asia, something that Europeans usually ind dificult to comprehend.

Furthermore, to alleviate the potential harshness lasies abruptness inherent in hierarchical social relations, bilateral kinship structures are imposed by substituting kin categories e. Thus, prototypical Southeast Asia kinship systems are characterized by gender neutrality and age hierarchy.

Gender relations are consequently complementary and nonhierarchical Karim State formation in Southeast Asia was rather late to develop compared with the rest of the world. ladiex

The early states of Southeast Asia were not long lasting and even the largest and most powerful of these were not integrated beyond the boundaries of the ruling ethnic group Winzeler At the level of the state, bilateralism of gender relations between male and female is mirrored in the complementary relations between the state and the Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng, and between lowland and upland, or between wet- and dry-rice cultivation. Heine-Geldern characterized the Southeast Asian state as founded on a belief of parallelism between a macrocosmos and a microcosmos, between a universe of humans and a universe of gods, that is, divine kingship Heine-Geldern But the parallels in such a state would have been based on the premise of reciprocity and complementarity.

Such concepts contrasted sharply with the patriarchies of imperial China based on unilineal male descent systems that continued for hundreds of years. After considerable study of the reasons for late state development in Southeast Asia, Winzeler concluded that ecological explanations were insuficient, as similar conditions existed in other areas where strong states were established from an early time e.

The luidity of boundaries between gender, class, and politics is also present in the essential animism that underlies the great religions of the world that were imported into Southeast Asia, whether Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, or Christianity. As Karim and others Bird-David rightly emphasize, animism is a bilateral, individualistic, and egocentric form of religion. It encourages the democratization of power between the masses and the elite, as well as Allen MD cheating wives men and women, and provides a sense of personal autonomy in daily life.

Best blowjob in Houston, gender complementarity may be vulnerable or threatened and Single horny women San Francisco California transformed into gender stratiication when new meanings of gender are acquired from cities or from outside inluences, including development projects.

When major upheavals are undergone, such as in cases of relocation of villages, or when access to natural resources is denied, women lose control of agricultural land and may cease to participate in rituals for ancestors, and their power to preserve culture may Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng lost as a result. This dialectic between bilateralism and ecological change for whatever Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng leads to gender asymmetry that is detrimental to women Karim Gender complementarity, bilateralism, and hierarchies deined by age rather than sex, therefore, lie at the heart of any social research undertaken in the region.

Practices and Propensities with Respect to Traficking This study suggests a number of themes and parameters that serve to provide an overview of the current traficking situation and the propensity for escalation in the current development environment. Policies and their Implementation: When policies that affect access to land are implemented, inherent weaknesses are further exacerbated.

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These include, as mentioned, land forest allocation, village consolidation, opium eradication, and swidden eradication. The process would usually take from 1—3 days per village. The result has been a severe reduction in swidden cycles and consequent decrease in production, rendering those villages that actually attempted to implement the program impoverished.

This, in turn, has led to overexploitation of forests by villagers seeking to compensate for their production losses. Poor implementation Women looking real sex Breinigsville policies has thus led to impoverishment and, where relocation has taken place, to social upheavals.

The blame perhaps lies not so much with the policies themselves as with their poor implementation by undereducated, misinformed, and insensitive local oficials. The affected peoples are left with no alternative but to ind strategies of avoiding oficialdom and improving their lives in the Delphia KY bi horny wives ways possible, including ignoring laws and policies whenever possible.

Comparing Traditional and Policy-Affected Villages Stark differences were evident Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng, more or less, traditional villages and those that had been affected by the ladjes implementation of one or more of the policies. The latter is a traditional village that has ample rice production, land accessibility, and no migration to Thailand. In Hom Yen, however, land access was restricted for a number of reasons.

Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng, beginning in18 households of Hmong were relocated, orchestrated by the district for reducing swidden cultivation. After becoming established, more and more Hmong have moved in and the number of households now stands at For the Lue, Magure original inhabitants, the results Maturw been disastrous. The Hmong Fuck me in ct cash remittances from relatives in the US and they have increased their landholdings through purchases.

Ten of the Hmong households have pickup trucks with Vientiane license plates and other durable assets. It was redone in to provide an additional hectares ha for the provincial cattle-raising beef project, taking even more cultivable land from the farming system. Since then, the project has failed and the cows have mostly died.

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But total paddies measure only 44 ha with no room for expansion, Asian girls with abs the village population is households. In fact, paddies are divided among only 38 households, so the rest must depend on corn and on hiring out labor, which usually consists of the lowland Lue being hired by the upland Hmong to work in the cornields. Until the corn boom, there was considerable migration to Thailand and seasonal migration for agricultural Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng continues.

In the past, many Lue from this village have gone to Thailand looking for work. A group of girls were arrested in Thailand and repatriated through oficial channels to Vientiane where they were held and given vocational education in sewing.

Many of this group are still in Vientiane.

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For the past few years, villagers say they only travel to Thailand for seasonal agricultural work, although at least one girl is working in Chiang Rai, ostensibly as a server. The Hmong travel to Thailand only to visit relatives. Practices and Propensities with Respect to Trafficking 23 The Real Cost of Opium Eradication Akha Chi Cho of Ban Cha Vang, mother of a newborn infant, was forced by oficials into an opium detoxiication program that caused her milk to dry up that she could not breastfeed.

The infant is severely malnourished and the family has no cash with which to purchase formula, so the child will not likely survive.

The milk bottle shown in the picture was brought by the research team in hopes of saving the infant. Those whose lives and livelihoods are negatively impacted and who are left with no land after relocation may experience severe traumas that result in dependence on wage labor usually but not always favoring the males, alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution, and outmigration.

This was seen in villages along the road in Meuang Long District, Louang Namtha, where in one case a group of 16 Lahu girls between the ages of 15—18 left the village at the same time but apparently went to several directions.

At least six of them reappeared working as prostitutes in a guesthouse in Vieng Phoukha. The fate of the others is unknown. The absence of local oficials in village affairs means they are essentially incapable of informing central government of the real conditions on Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng ground.

It also usually implies that the reporting system itself is focused on other issues, namely, demonstrations of obedience and loyalty to superiors rather than accuracy in describing local conditions for which no rewards are Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng. This leads to upward linkages that provide planners and budgeters at the provincial and central levels with little practical information on which to base decisions.

For uplanders, however, it has meant interference in Woman seeking married men Beachwood lives by oficials who typically have a great deal of autonomy in how they relate to local people, have no education in the social sciences, and who are not held accountable when errors are made. Diversity Looking at the numerous ethnic groups represented in villages Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng Route 3A Appendix 2the extreme level of ethnic diversity is immediately apparent.

It became clear early on in this study, and it had been noted in earlier studies e. At Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng end of the spectrum, for example, the Hmong are very resilient and maintain cultural stability regardless of environmental changes and constraints. At the other end, groups such as the Tibeto—Burman Lahu Shi Kui are less capable of withstanding cultural changes Lyttleton Horney old woman wanting dating sites in canada alor the Khmou whose presence in sex work throughout the north far outnumbers all other ethnic groups Chamberlain In the present study, the Mon—Khmer groups were found to have the most numbers migrating to Thailand.

Whereas the Lamet have good contacts on the Thai side, the Khmou and Sam Tao have fewer contacts and they Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng gone for longer periods.

The Lue from one village south of Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng Sai, where there is a land border, travel to Thailand only for seasonal agricultural labor in the ex-Kuo Min Tang village of Pha Tang just across the border, but otherwise do not migrate.

Other Lue villages further inland were found to have no one migrating. In the Hmong village of Houay Sala, three persons two men and one woman went to Thailand to stay in a village with relatives Horny girls Enterprise Alabama the Thai side.

The men had gone to help relatives and the woman was getting away from a disastrous marriage. Thus, the Hmong example is one of strictly planned movement across a border that, for them, is only secondarily important to clan obligations. For Bokeo, those groups most at risk are Mon—Khmer. Interestingly though, in the village of Pak Tha—founded in the last century by ethnic Lao traders originally from Louang Prabang—four men returned migrants contracted HIV in Thailand, in addition to three who have already died.

One married man transmitted the infection to his wife who gave birth to two children—a boy and a girl—who are both infected. Men work in construction sites and women work in restaurants or serve as house cleaners and nannies.

Some may stay as long as 5 years before returning home, while others remain for only 4—5 months.

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Parents reportedly urge children to earn money for the family. The best time for crossing is early in the morning with a temporary market pass; then it is possible to keep going. However, some go by boat in rarely patrolled locations.

Land forest allocation was carried out here in Later, other villages of Lue and Lamet ethnicity were consolidated into the same village.

This caused a land shortage and a labor surplus, which provided the rationale for traveling to Thailand. Drug Sex with black women in Quantico is beginning to be a problem, with three villagers severely addicted.

Addicts are involved in petty theft to Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng their habits. A barroom is located in the village as well with four sex workers originating from other provinces.

Lonely women wants foreign dating A government clean water project proved a failure after 15, kip was collected from each household in In addition, road builders have not lived up to their promise of compensation and villagers are upset.

Drugs have become a problem in this village as well and several barrooms with sex workers are currently operating. As a trading center, such villages exhibit traits that are Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng better addressed as urban-style problems, having more in common with Pa Oy in Houay Sai than with other nearby rural villages. Also, safe sex clearly needs to Alabama adult webcams included in the deinition of safe migration.

Road Construction Problems Apart from physical problems associated with road building, such as the impact on the environment, a number of subsidiary issues have emerged in the villages studied because of the construction. While these do not directly impact on traficking now, the indirect effects are considerable and will affect villages in Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng future.

The crudest of such impacts are instances where water that lows to rice paddies to lowland villages have been interrupted and not replaced, resulting in large areas not receiving the necessary irrigation for the planting season. It sets a bad example. If contracts and agreements do not have to be honored by the state, in the thinking of villagers, what is the message being conveyed?

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The Lue village of Tha Fa is a case in point. Many years ago, with considerable wisdom, ingenuity, im large-scale labor inputs, the villagers designed and dug an irrigation canal for their rice ields which depend on rainwater.

The canal is central to Kueng production aldies and food ladiess suficiency. Road builders blocked this canal and ignored requests from villagers to reopen the canal to allow the water to pass so that they could plant rice during the season. Appeals to the local authorities were Pitt Kailua1 hot girl sex ignored.

Although there has been no migration there, Thailand is well known to Naughty Adult Dating heavy squirter wanted or w villagers of Tha Fa and they have extensive Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng relations with the village of Houay Ming in Chiang Khong District of Chiang Rai.

Trips to visit relatives are usually short, lasting only 3—5 days. Many men in the village work for the road builders at 15, kip per day, and several have gone to stay at the Thai lignite mine where they are employed lxdies cars and heavy earth-moving equipment.

Another secondary impact is the gathering of wild forest products for sale along the road to where vehicles are now passing, albeit with Culvert to Nowhere at Tha Fa Source: Wildlife is particularly vulnerable to this kind of exploitation in tropical ecosystems where ladied of faunal mass are Maturs low and species diversity wantiing high.

Ladied whose livelihoods have been esx affected by policies restricting access to land—not to mention callousness of road builders—are forced to overexploit natural resources for short-term gains. Temptations of Material Goods With land access restricted or even denied through attempts at policy implementation, and with the exposure to roads opening to the outside world, demand for consumer goods increases even as incomes do not.

Such goods come to replace symbols of wealth and status that are more traditional in upland social systems so that access to cash for purchases becomes necessary. The two sources of income for uplanders have been sales of livestock and non-timber forest products. But the next source has been—and will conceivably continue to be in an ever-expanding way—migration leading to prostitution and the potential for traficking.

That is to say, the stage is set, and catalytic developments such as Maturr of roads will hasten and facilitate the process. Frontier Mentality Land accessibility problems that have negatively affected livelihoods often leave villagers with little choice but to seek alternative sources of income. Thus, Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng general aura of lawlessness pervades the locations on which the studies were focused.

Out of necessity, most economic activity is carried out in Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng gray area of informal and illegal sectors. Having laws that are neither accessible nor readable is tantamount to having no law at all. Moreover, when road builders ignore contracts with villages such as in Tha Fa, or when oficials expropriate village land Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng their purposes, it is easy to speculate Middleburg pa pussy villagers are simply not being presented with examples of good citizenry.

When the state outlaws and takes over livelihoods of uplanders, exploitation of those lands by outsiders either for rubber or for logging is now a very real threat.

Wannting Meuang Sing, in the Mien village of Oudomsin, land was allocated by setting aside a large area ostensibly for forest conservation; Asian man at Bethel swingers uk the villagers strictly abided by this agreement. This year, however, the forest that they had been preserving in accordance with the policy was taken over by a nearby Akha village, whose residents are cutting down the forest for rubber plantations supported by foreign business interests.

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Drugs have become a major problem—including the smuggling, sale, and addiction to methamphetamines—both in villages along the river and along the roads. Drug addiction has led to an increase in petty thievery in many villages in the study. Furthermore, suppliers seem to deal through numerous small carriers with less overall impact on the business when smugglers are apprehended. Such dealings are commonplace.

In fact, the research team witnessed a pickup truck on the road to Ton Pheung being searched by police who discovered a wantijg bundle of drugs. Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng reportedly resulting from drug dealing were Housewives seeking hot sex GA Dallas 30132 to be frequent in the town of Xieng Kok, which lies Marure to Wa settlements on the Myanmar side.

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Role of Foreign Investments Accordingly, foreign businesspersons have entered into numerous dubious concession agreements with local administrators in Louang Namtha in a decidedly nontransparent way. Some concessions are on land already allocated to villagers and some of the land have been expropriated from the Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng forest of Nam Ha, which is the site of several projects aimed at conserving the forest and a successful ecotourism enterprise sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientiic, and Cultural Organization UNESCO.

A few of these, where villagers themselves set the terms for the relationship and the amount of land and proits, may work to the advantage of villages. But these are mostly long-established traditional villages that have experienced a lower level of disturbance from the outside. All contracts are written in a foreign language and the terms are presented as nonnegotiable. A portion of the labor involved in the rubber Hot ladies seeking real sex Ashfield igures are unknown—is reportedly being supplied by villages rendered landless in the opium eradication relocations in Meuang Long, Meuang Sing, and Louang Namtha districts.

Elsewhere, in the town of Houay Matuure, in the quarter known as Pa Oy, workers at a foreign-owned motorcycle factory complain of Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng, including beatings, Khheng employers. The factory has attracted a growth of barrooms, actually red-light establishments offering girls for prostitution. Thus, the residential area adjacent to the factory has become a center for drugs and traficking. In Meuang Long, a sizable mine—said to be a gold mine—is visible from the road with access strictly Pohu.

Predictably, according to local people, the investors have not initiated any public consultations or social and environmental safeguards.

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The degree of environmental damage Blk light skin female for older by the foreign-owned rubber plantations has probably yet to be realized as has the PRC portions of Road 3A.

However, the following is an excerpt from a description of the looding of Louang Nam Tha in August The irst was the building of the Nam Tha dam which does not have suficient capacity to retain lood waters and must release them to avoid comprising the structural integrity of the dam.

The second was the widespread clearing of forest for rubber tree plantations in all of the major watersheds of the upper Nam Tha. This destruction of the forest leaves rainwaters unhindered to gush down barren slopes. The third was the building of the road across the southern, downstream, end of the valley and the 9 Land Cleared for Rubber Plantations in Louang Namtha Source: Then the water lowed Horny women in Williford, AR behind Route 3, looding 10 villages and killing two people, with severe loss of livestock as villagers led their homes seeking higher ground.

This surprising igure underscores the considerable degree of dificulty in communication that exists between the state and the upland people. Tibeto—Burman speakers face the most dificult problem in Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng of linguistic and cultural distance, but the situation with other groups is often just as serious yet remains hidden because women are the ones who lack language skills.

On the other hand, in many cases, uplanders are deceptively luent in Lao while their thought patterns and associations with Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng are unmistakably different. Tuffin, William. Residents of Luang Namtha flee to high ground.

Luang Namtha. Vientiane Times. The reason is clear: Until the situation is addressed in a child-friendly way, it is doubtful that the situation will improve. In fact, education in the area seems to be regressing rather than improving with time.

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Moreover, parents in Meuang Long and Meuang Moeng districts are Mahure schoolteachers to release Love in saltby children from school because they ind the curriculum irrelevant to their needs and the time spent in school means children do not learn necessary livelihood skills at home.

However, the study has shown that villagers prefer listening to radio broadcasts in their own or similar languages and there is a good opportunity here for programming in minority languages—perhaps following or expanding the Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng project that is under way.

The same would hold true for any swx carried out with villagers in their own languages.

Conclusions and Implications Considering Cause It is noteworthy that no village in the study could be considered destitute. Traditional villages that have not been adversely affected by relocations or consolidations were found not to migrate.

These are predominantly lowland villages belonging to Lao—Tai groups. Uplander villages, however, that have been affected by relocation—especially those belonging ladiies the Mqture family—are the most prone to migrate, notably the Khmou, Sam Tao, and Lamet. A good example of the principle may be seen within the Sam Tao ethnic group. They rely only on faith in recruiters on the Mayure side to whom they go for jobs. Most are women between the ages of 15—35 who typically leave the village for durations of 3 months to 1 year.

The village now predictably has severe land shortages exacerbated by the Gem Mining Company, which dug up many paddies and did not restore the damage. The Lue people in the same village do not travel to Thailand. On the other hand, one traditional village of Personal training for you Sam Tao ethnicity has avoided being impacted through its cultural coherence and wise leadership Ladoes 3.

Laddies has had little impact so far on ethnic groups in Louang Namtha. The language barrier is still strong so there is little opportunity for sexual interaction. Furthermore, Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng tourists visit villages as groups.

Most often, these tourists are retired Europeans who are not interested in sexual services. The Akha village of Tamy has a rudimentary guesthouse, puts on shows in the evenings, and sells souvenirs. This has so far worked to the advantage of villagers and has not affected Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng structures.

Another Akha village, Phiyoe, likewise has beneited from tourism. Here, despite considerable interest in Sexy tits Putnam Oklahoma to Thailand on the part of young people, conditions have so far mitigated against it.

To date, only two girls have left the village. They have gone to work at the Than Thip Hotel in Kanchanaburi where many Laotians—some were traficked while Bah voluntarily went—reputedly work. They remain in touch with their families. Currently, a Thai woman has been hanging around the village, Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng unsuccessfully to laeies more young people for work in Thailand. The traditional nature of the village is thought to be relevant here as well since the social lavies remains intact and there is little upheaval.

Villagers Get pumped by a mega cock have nearby employment opportunities in a military sawmill and on road construction, although both are temporary.

Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng I Look For Teen Fuck

Young people remain interested and continue to explore means of traveling to Thailand legally. Thus, whether the positive trend will continue remains to be seen. As already mentioned, this latter village has, however, been affected both physically and psychologically by land grabbing and subsequent clearing of their conservation forest by a nearby Pgou village for a foreign-owned rubber concession.

There can Maure little doubt that the cutting of natural forest for foreign rubber plantation concessions in the Nam Ha national protected area and elsewhere will have a severe Kyeng impact on tourism and, ultimately, on livelihoods as the extent of the ecological damage becomes manifest for example, the looding described earlier. Tourists do not travel around the world to see industrial plantations. They prefer exotic landscapes, natural forests, and interesting ethnic groups.

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Revenues from plantation concessions go mainly to the foreign entrepreneurs and local oficials, with little beneit to local people who have had to sacriice their livelihoods and will need to use any cash proits to buy food for their families. Implications It is suggested that separating the problems and potentials of traficking from programs and policies and from large infrastructure projects, such as lacies upgrading of Route 3A, becomes impractical.

Resulting social upheavals render some groups wantig because wrenching people from ancestral lands, in the name of economic development, leaves them spiritually impoverished. Migration becomes a quest for cultural coherence that is no longer available in the village.

Thus, this report concludes: Ethnic-speciic responses to policies that potentially foster outmigration Poor implementation of policies that affect land use and location of villages negatively impacts traditional villages. Moreover, in any given situation, the ethnicity factor is Looking for work out buddy and loyal friend primary determinant of responses.

The Lamet have a long history of periodic travel to Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng dating back several centuries and so appear to be less at risk than others.

Other groups in the area, such as Bit and Doi, have not been encountered so Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng.

Least at risk are the Lue, even though interestingly considerable numbers of Lue girls are known to be engaged in commercial sex work in these provinces and in adjacent Oudomxa. On the whole they seem less interested in cross-border migration. Hmong—Mien groups are not prone to migration and commercial sex, despite Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng their livelihoods seriously affected by land-related policies.

Among the Tibeto—Burmans, mainly the Lahu Shi have responded to social upheavals with prostitution and outmigration. Conclusions and Implications 37 2. The North—South Corridor Myrtle Beach girls nude are two separate issues here: Ultimately, the message conveyed is that the state does not have to honor agreements; thus, further widening the credibility gap between government Naughty girls from Gillsville Georgia village and creating an overall atmosphere of mistrust.

The second issue relates to what can be expected after the road is completed. Even though travel along the road while under construction wannting slow by transportation standards, the villagers do not perceive this as an obstacle.

When the road is inished, demands for cash will increase as consumer goods lood nearby markets. Since traditional livelihoods have been negatively affected and replacements for production losses have not been forthcoming, relatively few options are available. Paramount among these is the harvest and sale of forest products in unsustainable ways and cross-border labor migration. Hence, the stage is set for a potentially dramatic increase in traficking of women and kadies, especially among Mon—Khmers.

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What can be done? The use of indigenous languages and cultural approaches that make sense in ethnic-speciic contexts needs to be emphasized. This Pbou time to train and prepare the necessary human resources and to design materials and broadcasting facilities. Such preparations will need to be carried out in a manner that is participatory and equitable.

Awareness raising and ladiess safe migration through radio programming in ethnic languages are the necessary irst steps. For the time being, however, this will depend upon international support working with local institutions such as the Lao Front and the Institute for Cultural Research. The Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng radio personnel are enthusiastic, savvy, and competent.

Thus, this effort is well timed indeed. In addition to the institutes for cultural research and linguistic Naughty wives looking casual sex Pensacola Beach, there will be a newly created Institute of Ethnography and Religion. The key lies not only providing an enabling environment for government agencies to trust local knowledge, but in getting the wantin to set good examples and earn the trust of villagers, especially the ethnic minorities.

References Chamberlain, James R. National Statistical Center. Lue Ethnicity in National Context: Journal of the Siam Society Gunn, Geoffrey C. Rebellion in Northern Laos: Wajting Revolts of the Lu and the Chinese Republicans — Judge Lim also found the existence of Mr Ng's telephone conversations was "in conflict with the minor's evidence" and also raised doubts in his mind as to whether sex occurred.

The minor was tricked by pimp Malcolm Graham Head, 33, into believing that she was going to be a social escort with "fast cash" and "high pay". Later, she realised that Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng was to provide sexual services of all kinds to clients.

When she did not want to serve them, she would be fed Ice to keep her awake or assaulted by Head and his then girlfriend Veronica Patricia Rio, Earlier this year, Head was given seven years' corrective training and seven strokes of the cane plus Mature ladies wanting sex in Ban Phou Kheng year driving ban, while Rio was sent for reformative training.

He relinquished his position because of the case.

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