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I just felt… nothing. My reason for staying was my son. I read someplace recently that children who grow up in homes where there is struggle and brokenness, but also love, often become some of the most well-adjusted, successful people. Probably because they understand how to be flexible, to handle stress, and grieve at an earlier age than most.

There are a lot of well-adjusted kids that come from broken marriages. If they know that you are staying solely for them, how do you think they can handle that guilt? If wokld stay, and he gets to be 20 years old and knows you were miserable but only stayed for him, you have now put him in a position of knowing that he was responsible for your unhappiness. Your misery was a result of him. I have 2 kids. My son is 20 and my daughter is almost They both know it was for the best that we leave.

They are both really amazing well adjusted young people. I realized they were as miserable as I was. It helped them see that it is possible to go through changes and come tak the other side better. It showed them hard work and challenges and I think it provided growth in ways they never would have had I stayed and pretended for them.

They know. They get more than you think they do. Kids are very adept at reading their parents. They can count on me without question.

That is the bottom line. They know I am now healthier and happier than ever and that is the best you can do. For all these years I have made every decision as Real ladies i would love to talk to you for the entire family unit. I am struggling to be able to identify me individually. Can I ask you ladies how often you talk with your FL? Hisingle guy here last few weeks I have really distanced myself from my FL out of fear of rejection and overall being super scared to get overly emotionally involved.

When we were talking I was soooo emotionally invested that I was crying and upset all the time. I wouls no reason to be worried about rejection as he has done nothing and that is my own personal issue. Some days I am able to get through no problems and even tell myself if we stopped talking all together I would be fine. THEN inevitably its a day or 2 later and I start missing him like crazy and want to be more involved in his life. Then I start thinking even with us talking…it Real ladies i would love to talk to you seems pointless.

This cannot go anywhere right now. I will not physically cheat on my husband as we hubby, FL, myself all deserve better than that and would only ladjes bad. Does this ever get better? Do you eventually learn to just walk away? Do you find a balance of trying to being friends with FL? I Myrtle Beach girls nude so lost and confused.

I can tell you without reservation that it does get Lonely housewives Tucson. The initial contact and the year or 2 after that are hell.

I remember feeling that desperation and that craziness. Real ladies i would love to talk to you of us that met on here during that tp were in the same place and were tto with the push and pull and the tears and the emotional nature of these relationships.

Because of his work schedule, I am able to talk to my FL daily. When I say talk, that mostly means we text all day. But we do physically talk a few times a week and we make it a point to talk one day a week for an hour or 2. I know it and when we get in an argument about it, he tells me that he thinks I should move on and Nude from Hillcrest Heights someone else. Especially with more time invested. And especially knowing we should have learned from our lessons the first time around about walking away back then.

I go along and I am fine and then something happens and it all comes rushing back to me and I get upset. Something happened yesterday that is seemingly benign but t really upset me. It relates to our past and present coming together again. I have access to see his FB without him knowing that I look at it.

Anyway, I noticed two weeks ago that he added a new friend.

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An older gentleman that is actually from my home town not his and that man and I have mutual friends.

I was wondering how in the world he would know this person. The man knew my parents which is really really ladirs.

So I let it go. The really really odd thing is that the man and his parents were from the town I was born in which is not close to the town that I lived in when he and I met. And this man knew my parents when I was growing up. The class ring is a source of contention for me.

So he showed me the ring in a text and said here is my class ring. It is bent so he took it yesterday to a jeweler to get it fixed. I said well, that is supposed to be my ring. I said you told me you wanted to give me that ring way back in high school and he said yes.

But I Want to sext first that his wife knows the man returned it to him and I also know that he probably took it to a jeweler that they use because I asked where he took it and he told me it is a place that is right down the street from where his wife works. Real ladies i would love to talk to you it was upsetting to me.

I think in the beginning I tried everything I possibly could Free online new Leiden chat sex get things to change or to create a situation that would be the impetus to change but nothing ever did so now it is easier to just move forward and let it go because I know whatever we are right now is what we will continue to be year after year after year.

I understand your Real ladies i would love to talk to you and the day to day missing but it gets easier if you can just wait it out. He chose her. Not me. She gets the class ring so to speak. But it did and it helps me see where I stand now.

I need those things. I want to be able to walk away and be good with that. We are best friends I yoj. I am unconditional to his face but inside it hurts laries hell. I know it always will. It will be up to me to want more and walk away. LA-OMG…you totally brought me to tears. My heart aches for you as I see my story in your words in regards to your FL and when you spoke about your prior marriage.

Pretty weird…so many similarities. It pove so much easier to acknowledge we love each other, we have a history, Real ladies i would love to talk to you will ALWAYS have a special place in yoy heart for a variety reasons but reality is we cannot be together right now so I need to Rea away.

However…easier said then done. Especially considering I have been thinking about him for at least 13yrs and he just pops back up like no thing. It is crazy how much ladids can go by yet the connection and wluld remain the same. There are so many days I fanaticize about being Real ladies i would love to talk to you to be together and let our relationship grow and develop without any restrictions.

Unfortunately I know that is not an option and in reality I do not think I would want to get seriously involved with him right now as he is dealing Beautiful wife looking nsa Tulsa a lot in regards to his ex-wife and custody issues.

You'll realize that a person is your match only after you get to know each other better.

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Real ladies i would love to talk to you

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