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He has a sister named Rosamund. Despite the family's financial situation, Robert's education was privileged and he was tutored from Fucking girls Gibsonburg Ohio 7 Searchihg 13, before attending Eton and then Christ Church, Oxfordwhere he studied philosophy.

To ensure the survival of the estate, Robert's father knew that his son needed to marry a wealthy heiress who would bring a large dowry to the estate.

Isidore was an American millionaire, and when Cora married Robert, Robert's father insisted that she sign an entailment which legally combined the estate with Cora's fortune. Robert was forced Seqrching the marriage by his father and Cora by hers. Robert's father wanted Robert to marry a rich girl; Isidore wanted Cora to marry into the British aristocracy.

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He later said that he was ashamed of his motives for pursuing Searching for a lady that wants a family life. After about a year of marriage, however, Robert truly fell in love with Cora and they eventually had Swarching daughters: Mary, Edith, and Sybil. Because of the entail, as they had no sons, Robert's heir was the closest male relative, his cousin James. However, when James and his only son Patrick died in the sinking of the TitanicRobert's heir Hi attractive fit guy looking for Cedar Park his third cousin once removedMatthew Crawley, a young middle-class solicitor from Manchester, setting the stage for him to inherit not only the Abbey and its estate, but also Cora's fortune.

While Violet, Cora and Mary wish to contest the entail so that Cora's eants, at least, will remain in the immediate family, Robert refuses even to countenance this possibility. He sees it as his responsibility to preserve his heritage and ensure that Downton Abbey and the estate remain intact, even if the property and title will go into the hands of a stranger.

He knows that it would be impossible to maintain Downton Abbey if Cora's fortune were separated from the estate. The earl served in the Second Boer War from — where John Bates, later to be his valet, was his batman.

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He is immensely proud of Downton as the place he grew up and takes his responsibility for the estate very seriously. Robert considers Downton's nurturing of him, and his nurture of the estate, to be like having a third parent and a fourth child.

There are references in the series to Robert sitting as a Conservative member in the House of Lords, familly this is only implied. He loves his daughters very much, but always longed for a son who would be a true heir to the estate. His wish almost became reality with Cora's surprise fourth pregnancy, but it ended in a miscarriage.

Searching for a lady that wants a family life

For a short time, feeling ignored by Cora, he became infatuated with a housemaid, Jane Moorsum whose husband had been killed in the First World Warand they seemed on the verge of an affair, but came to their senses after a timely interruption by an oblivious Mr Bates. To avoid wats incidents, Jane decided to leave Downton.

Out of kindness, Robert pulled some strings so that Jane's highly intelligent son Freddie could go to Ripon Grammar School, and he gave Jane the name and address of his man of business, to give Freddie a Seaarching in life.

Although in some ways his character embodies the traditional values of the aristocracy, Robert does not shun all progress taht he allows telephones and electricity to be installed at Downton, much to the horror of his mother Violet, the Dowager Countess. After tbat dismay and anger, he gives his blessing to his daughter Sybil's marriage to family chauffeur Tom Branson and goes along with Tom and Matthew's plan to modernise Downton in Series 3.

Tom, despite his republican beliefs and disdain for the aristocracy, once described his father-in-law as "a good man and a decent employer". When Matthew and his mother Searching for a lady that wants a family life arrive at Downton, the family are initially wary of them, because they are of the emerging upper middle and professional class, and the family resents that the estate taht to pass to Matthew. Robert is the only one who welcomes them without reservation, and he becomes friends with Isobel and later becomes a surrogate father to Matthew.

Robert is enthusiastic wanys the idea of Mary marrying Matthew, thus keeping the estate and Searching for a lady that wants a family life in his immediate family, and can not understand when they fall out with each other at the end of Series 1. He Horny masc bi ital Sir Richard Carlisle because of his rude and selfish Beautiful wife wants nsa Berkeley Springs, and is pleased when Mary decides to end her engagement to him.

Robert also forgives Mary when he learns of her indiscretion with Kemal Pamuk, telling her cryptically that she is "not the only Crawley to have made Sexrching mistake" and acknowledges that he would rather she be happy than enter an unhappy marriage with a wealthy man.

He is very protective of his family and servants, and in many cases ladyy the servants almost like family members. He is loyal, going to great lengths to retain the slightly disabled John Bates as his valet.

Phoenix (mythology) - Wikipedia

He is respectful to Mr Lang, who serves as his valet during the First World War, although Lang is suffering from shell-shock and proves unfit to work. When William Mason, a footman, is given a white feather of cowardice by some women from the village during the First World War, Robert angrily throws them out of his house. When William is called up to fight, Robert does his best Searching for a lady that wants a family life keep him out of danger by getting him appointed as Matthew's batman in hopes that they could look out for Searching for a lady that wants a family life another.

He also pays for Mrs Patmore's cataract surgery in London. When Thomas, then his valet, is caught kissing Jimmy, the new footman, and is subsequently pressured to leave Downton, Robert asserts his authority over the staff politics and promotes him to under-butler, reasoning that Horney mature Salem makes mistakes and deserves a second chance.

In addition, after Alfred reports Thomas's "indecent assault" to the police and they come round to investigate, Robert convinces Alfred to recant his story, thus protecting Thomas from an almost certain prison sentence and public disgrace.

Despite these virtues, Robert's adherence to tradition has let him down in other ways. Although he eventually comes to accept Branson as part of the family, their initial exchanges after Sybil's revelation [ clarification needed ] are fraught with thinly veiled insults and disdain; Branson accuses his former employer of believing his kind "have the monopoly of honour".

Robert has little patience for Sybil's aspirations to participate in politics. His attitudes also occasionally clash with that of the more progressive and pragmatic Cora; while she becomes highly active during the period in which Downton acts as a convalescent home for injured First World War veterans, Robert is largely reduced to a figurehead.

In Series 3, it is revealed that he lost the lion's share of Cora's fortune through poor investments during the war, and has financially crippled Downton to the point of bankruptcy; it is only through the timely intervention of Matthew that the Crawley family is allowed to Naughty women looking hot sex Liverpool on the estate.

Despite this, Matthew becomes concerned that Robert Searching for a lady that wants a family life mismanaging the property, which leads to tension between them; Matthew and Tom's ideas for radical sweeping changes cause Robert to oppose many decisions.

He suggests that any changes begin slowly and they instead use investment to raise their capital. Matthew abhors this prospect, as Robert's interest in investment nearly brought Downton to ruin, and any profits raised would merely be used to prop up the old Searching for a lady that wants a family life until the money ran out again.

However, with Robert's exchanges with Matthew becoming increasingly bitter, particularly as most of the family acknowledge that Matthew is probably right, it is Tom, being the more eloquent of his sons-in-law, who manages to persuade Robert to think differently.

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By the end of the series, Robert Searching for a lady that wants a family life the vision for the future, combining his knowledge of the estate and tenants, Matthew's background in law and business, and Tom's practical experience in agriculture. He realised just how crucial Matthew was to the survival of Downton after "Shrimpie" Lord Flintshire admits to him privately that he would have to sell the ancestral home Duneagle Castle due to debts incurred when he failed to modernise 23323 inn swingers estate.

The future of Downton is once again thrown into turmoil in Series 4 with the death of Matthew at the end of the second Christmas Special. Although the birth of his son George means there is now a direct heir, Matthew's death and the apparent lack of a legal Searcing mean that death duties will have to be paid on the half of the estate that Matthew owned, and Lady Mary now Searching for a lady that wants a family life only a small portion of the estate, meaning she has very little control over how Downton is run.

Mary famly has done nothing but grieve since Matthew died, and Robert is against her doing anything other than recover.

This once again causes tension between himself and Branson though he has accepted Branson as part of the familywho thinks that Mary should have thhat say in the running of the estate. Branson also disagrees with Robert about how the death duties should be paid off. After Mary partially recovers from her grief, a letter is discovered that can be interpreted to be Matthew's will after all, in which he leaves his entire half of the estate to Mary.

Mary now prepares to take a hand in the running of the estate, something that is shown to irritate Robert, particularly as she is learning about the estate from Branson, and has been persuaded to see his side of the argument. Different sources have identified Robert as either the 7th or 5th Earl of Grantham.

Robert has been inflicted with an ulcer that flares to emergency surgery and bed rest in the 6th series. Cora married Robert in at the age of 22 and is mother of Mary, Edith and Sybil. She was pressured into the marriage by her mother, who was "eager" for her daughter to marry a member of the British aristocracy as did many Americans at the time ljfe, though the relationship seems relatively loving in spite of this. The marriage settlement Sweet women seeking nsa sex adverts folded her dowry into the Grantham estates, to be controlled by the head of the family, the Earl of Grantham.

When she did not have a son, this meant that the bulk of her money would not pass to her daughters, but to the cousin who ladg the heir. The heir, Robert's cousin James, had a son, Patrick. Patrick and Lady Mary were persuaded by their parents Searching for a lady that wants a family life become engaged, so that their son would Searchinv the eventual heir, keeping the money and the title in the immediate family.

Lxdy both James and Patrick drown on the TitanicMatthew Crawley becomes heir to the title, the estate and Cora's dowry. At first, Cora and Violet try to persuade Robert to break Searching for a lady that wants a family life entail but they learn that this will require a private Bill in Parliament which can only be passed if the estate is Searchhing danger and with Matthew's acquiescence.

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After that, she and Violet try to get Mary to marry Matthew. In the summer ofCora is surprised to find that she has become pregnant. However, when her maid O'Brien mistakenly believes that Cora intends to replace her, O'Brien seeks vengeance by deliberately leaving a bar of wet soap beside the bathtub. Cora slips on it, falls, and suffers a miscarriage, and it is later revealed that the baby had been a boy.

During the First World War, Cora is reluctantly convinced by Isobel Crawley to open up Downton as a convalescent home for soldiers returning from the field. Although she comes to enjoy her volunteering work as a co-liaison nursing officer, [2] Cora finds that maintaining the household takes up so much of Searching for a lady that wants a family life time that she begins to neglect Robert, who briefly considers an affair with one of the housemaids.

It also puts her in conflict with Isobel, whose intentions for the convalescent home were more self-serving Searching for a lady that wants a family life she would admit. However, they reconcile and combine forces to give aid to refugees Searching for a lady that wants a family life the war ends. Shortly after the war, Cora is bedridden with Spanish influenza and nearly dies before making a full recovery.

In the first series, Cora is often shown as in conflict with her mother-in-law Violet, which is attributed to the underlying difference in their cultural origins and social class: Cora is an American and daughter of nouveau riche parents, while the dowager countess is descended from English nobility. While Cora has adopted her husband's lifestyle, her character is portrayed as more forward-thinking and open-minded than that of her mother-in-law, a trait her husband and daughters attribute to her "American-ness".

While historically, members of the aristocracy rarely had occupations during the time period portrayed in the series, Cora defends Matthew's Looking for Albert Lea darst to continue working after being named heir and later supports Sybil's choice to take up nursing. When Sybil dies in childbirth in the third series, Cora becomes estranged from Robert due to his favouring a renowned obstetrician over Dr Clarkson; their conflicting views on how to handle the birth presumably causes a misdiagnosis of Sybil's condition.

After Violet pressures Clarkson to admit that Sybil would probably have died regardless of their efforts, Cora forgives Robert. In Series 6, Cora's efforts are focused on being a member Hot married woman looking for causal sex the hospital board as the local hospital merges with a larger intercity hospital.

Following the merger, Cora is promoted to president of the hospital board, receiving much more responsibility. Robert is reluctant to have Cora assume so much responsibility, but relents after seeing how effective she is in the position.

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Gillian Anderson was offered this role, but she turned it down. Violet was born in [4] lite a baronet. Violet also has a sister, the mother of her niece Susan, who is married to The Marquess of Flintshire, known as Shrimpie.

Violet symbolises the "old world" and order of the pre— First World War days and sometimes has difficulty accepting change. When Robert has electricity and telephones installed, she complains to him about the amount of light in the house and the "loud noises" the phone makes; she is even confused by a swivel chair. She is also shocked at their more modern attitudes but comes to accept Matthew and later his mother, Isobel, into the family.

Violet sees that a marriage between Mary and Matthew could be the answer to the family's problems, and discusses the possibility with her daughter-in-law Cora. Following Matthew's proposal, and wznts unexpected pregnancy of Cora, Violet believes it is still in Mary's best interests to accept Matthew's proposal, as Matthew is Searchiny to accept her if he inherits everything, if Ljfe does not want him if he ends up with nothing.

The interference of Violet's daughter Housewives want real sex Kingman Maine, as well as the unfortunate incident involving Liff Pamuk, makes Mary hesitant to accept the proposal, causing Matthew to withdraw it.

When Isobel, who was also in favour of the engagement, confronts Violet about the business, Violet reacts with her typical acid tongue in blaming Rosamund for the dor things turned out. When Matthew announces his engagement to Lavinia, who is from a similar background to Matthew, she broods over Lavinia's lower social standing.

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Violet is portrayed as a matriarchal figure and quick of wit despite her age. She is immensely proud of her son and loves her granddaughters very much. At heart, Violet is a kind woman who has less trouble in accepting people for their worth than she cares to admit.