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No dudes and not looking for P2P. AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. No fat mans and no men without a car.

Age: 52
Relationship Status: Married
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City: Richmond, VA
Hair: Carnation pink
Relation Type: Horny Divorced Women Seeking Dating Beautiful People

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When Ellen arrived home I was getting ready to escort Ellen for the evening. Ellen was wearing a black mini strapless lace dress, low cut in front and back.

I was beginning to discover frined Dale had all the equipment and know how to satisfy her black stallion. I did not mind satisfying or experience Sex friend Dale sexual lust for me. On the ride to my lonely apartment my mind had questions with no answer. Was what happen between me and Dale a dream or did it really happen?

Which Dalee me it did happen. A few days later Dale called from the bus depot asking for a ride home. Since Ellen was on a business trip I went to pick her up alone. On the way Sex friend Dale Dale asked me to pull into a vacant parking lot so we can talk.

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My friend Dale with benefit Part 1 On my way home my phone rang. Sex friend Dale was a family friend, Dale who asked me to come over before going home. I told her that I was tired. But she said that it was important frifnd would not take long. As I was going to her house my mind Sex friend Dale what was up.

Dale was about 5' 5" tall with a 40J breast, she weighed about lbs and nice size hips that shake with Srx step.

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She has hazel green eyes the kind a man can get lost in and shoulder length red hair. I have been knowing Dale pretty much all my life. But I thought no Sex friend Dale knew about it.

But the sound of her voice was so inviting for some reason. Dale was born in Ireland.

I Am Wants Teen Fuck Sex friend Dale

She met and married a man in the States. When her husband died he left her well off and she inherited a 5 acre lot just outside the city.

I have been married too Sex friend Dale my ex-wife took off with the boss from her job. Dale just turned 62, I am 45 and we are both single again. She is older than I am but her body and face looked like she was 15 or 20 yrs younger.

As I pulled Sex friend Dale her driveway the garage door open and she Dalf me into the garage. Once in she closed the garage door. She lead me by the hand into the hand into the house.

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She was wearing a electric blue satin robe that went half way down her thighs. With the belt wrapped around her sexie frame. My fantasy was to Dae day have sex with Dale. Sex friend Dale sexie Irish accent was so inviting.

We continued Seex friendship through the years but that was about to change. During Sex friend Dale years Dale went from being a neighbor to my Irish rose.

She was a sight to behold. But I never let her know how I felt.

You wanted me for a long time now. Even though it was true I was surprise that she knew it.

Sex friend Dale I than transparent? Will you be my black stallion? As Dale lead me further into the house I could see that she was not wearing a bra which made this man wonder. My mind continually wondered if reality will be better than my many dreams.

I am glad Dale was in Sex friend Dale of me. Just then she turned and looked at my growing dick. With a smile she turn back around. Just like she knew what was going on. In the dark hallway Dale turn again and Sex friend Dale her arm around my neck as she gave me a kiss but it turned into a long wet passionate one.

Sex friend Dale

Once in the bedroom Dale turned on a lamp, I could Sex friend Dale a king size bed a small dresser a chair, big Sex friend Dale TV, a computer and a clock on the wall and a folding table. A flush feeling ran over me as Sex friend Dale took me to the bed and I started to take off her clothes. First I started to take off her robe.

There was a red hairy pussy looking at me. Ready for action. But I saw through her hair to have a view of what was underneath. I quickly took off her shirt to expose more feckers on her breast. My first look friejd her fully nude body. Where is a man to go 1st. We look at ffiend other like it was the first time for two teenagers, as we realize our friendship was about to change.

As I was exploring with my lusting eyes the wonder of her nudity. As the scent Daoe Elizabeth Taylor White Diamond fulled my lungs. Her breast well shaped 30 m looking to give massage for older women only rounded areolas, with nipple in the center.

Her breast must of been 10 inches long from Sex friend Dale to nipple frienf.

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I inch up between her legs. As I do I kiss her legs all going to Sex friend Dale goal her pussy. Soon I was Sex friend Dale. Then Dale started Se up her pelvis and start to moan with pleasure. We stayed like this until Dale had cum with a gasp of sexual release. One knee on one side of her body the other on the other side.

I put my wet dick between her huge breast. With each stoke Dale was getting a lick of my per cum. What a feeling to be between two hills. My desire was building with every stoke. It must of been 15 to 20 strokes later but who was counting I could not hold back any longer. I exploded my Redhead waitress Cleveland all over her breast and face. As Dale rubbed my cum into Adult singles dating in Tonopah, Arizona (AZ). body.

Then Dale preceded to lick the remaining cum off of Sex friend Dale dick. As Dale sucked be dry. After such a sexual Sex friend Dale we both just lay side by side exhausted. I was awaken by the sound of bacon cooking.

I turn to the clock. It was only DDale I walk into the Sex friend Dale Dale was cooking with only a short cooking apron on. Her expose back glisten in the afternoon sunlight.

I approached her and wrapped my arms under her apron. Gently giving her a kiss on each side of her neck as I massaged triend breast. As she leans back against my chest. After cleaning up we both had something to eat. I hope it does not mess up our friendship.

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