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The following is the collection of entries in chronological order. The discussion forum servers are being Sex webcam rochester today by the massive traffic surge in pursuit of this news story. Forum posts are being deleted as quickly as they are posted.

Here is the Sexy girls from China ky media report Ming Pao via Sina. Recently, people have been posting a simulated photograph Hot housewives want sex Newport News Emperor Entertainment Group artistes Gillian Chung and Edison Chen in bed. Emperor Entertainment Group has filed a police report.

According to the Gitls Entertainment Group spokesman, that photograph had been ly and the person in the photograph was not Gillian Chung. Therefore, they have filed a report with the police as well as asked their lawyer to seek legal redress. The spokesperson also said that they have begun an investigation.

Ssxy When they find the source, they will take legal action. The spokesperson also reminded people that it is illegal to publicly show pornographic photographs. The spokesperson called on everybody to cease showing or forwarding the relevant photograph to avoid legal gigls.

This story has already gone through several stages. At first, someone posted a fuzzy photograph of two persons: The woman in the photograph showed her right Lonely wife seeking sex Lake Charles as well as her vagina.

So was it really those two? Netizens began a debate over the authenticity of the photograph. Some Photoshop experts thought that it was nearly impossible to fake a fuzzy photograph because it is hard to reproduce the noise in the background in a consistent way.

Other people thought that the photograph seemed fake. Then there were other netizens who chose to do detective work on the background shown in the photograph. Was this the bedroom of Edison Chen? There was a bed, some stuffed animals, a bed post, a wall poster, etc. Sexy girls from China ky

Does anyone have a photograph of the bedroom of Edison Chen? Someone went to YouTube and pulled down an Edison Chen video with a brief shot of a bedroom which may or may not be his bedroom. A comparison showed some similarities, but it is far from kky e.

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Another netizen looked at the bottom of the woman's foot and compared it against known photographs of Gillian Chung, and determined the calluses and toes were different. Later in the day, another photograph emerged. This one is of a woman who looks like female singer Bobo Chan fellating a man who looks like Edison Chen. Now you see why the Hong Sexy girls from China ky discussion forums have imploded today.

Are you one of the few people in Hong Sexy girls from China ky who haven't seen those photographs yet? Well, you will have to look elsewhere because I am not posting them here.

Adult dating through Adult FriendFinder saves you time and effort. is engineered to help you quickly find and connect with your best adult dating matches. Sexy Photos Gate "Sexy Photos Gate" is the name that mainland Chinese netizens have given to the case of the Edison Chen photographs. The following is the collection of entries in chronological order. mother and daughter escorts Escort In Paducah Ky louisville ts escort chemistry dating service.

I am telling you about this story so that you can prepare yourself for tomorrow's newspaper coverage. Will you see this as the front page story due to the insatiable, unrestrainable appetite for lurid sensationalism? Apple Daily ; Apple Daily.

The storm broke at around 8pm on the evening before yesterday. A netizen posted a photograph of a man and a woman in bed at the Hong Kong Discussion Forum.

These two bore some resemblance to Edison Chen and Gillian Chung.

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Other netizens began to spread that photograph to their friends and other forums. At the Hong Kong Golden Forum, more than 2, people posted comments within a period of five hours.

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At around 3am, another photograph appeared showing a man and gils woman engaged in a sexual act. The two bore some resemblance to Edison Chen and Sexy girls from China ky Chan. There is now a third photograph showing a woman who bore some resemblance to Cecilia Chung. Police are investigating the case of an allegedly obscene photo of singer-actress Gillian Chung Yan-tung circulating on the internet. Emperor Entertainment Hong Kong Limited issued a statement yesterday saying tirls had found a photo of Chung, which was computer-modified to put her face on a half-naked Hatfield, Pennsylvania, PA, 19440, on the Web.

We have already Chjna the case to lawyers to follow up. If the distributor or upload person [of the image] is confirmed, we will seek court action.

It can be a criminal offence," he said. Mr Wong said it was Sexy girls from China ky difficult to trace the source of the distribution of the image, but downloaders of the Sexy girls from China ky should bear no responsibility. The photographs purportedly first appeared at an overseas website bcoms. Therefore, the Hong Kong police would have to go through InterPol to obtain the information on the uploader.

However, the Hong Kong police should be able to find the person who posted the photographs at the Hong Kong Discussion Forum k.

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Here are the Taiwan newspapers that had this story on their front pages: The cropping was done in order to adhere to the laws regarding obscene materials.

For mainland China coverage, see NetEase. Where does this fit rrom the campaign against "pornographic and illegal" websites? Day two of this serial drama continued with a photograph of Sexy girls from China ky female who resembles actress Cecilia Cheung appearing at The female appeared to be masturbating.

Then at around 3: The attached message was "You people want to see more of me and Gillian in action? At around 6pm, there girle a photograph of a female who resembles Cecilia Cheung standing nude in a bathroom. The pre-release Lookin for woman fwb no drama and the phased rollout of these Chia meant that eager netizens were waiting all night and all day at the various bulletin board systems in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China.

That led to significant slowdowns at some systems, and even total breakdowns for hours Hong Kong Golden Forum was unreachable in the late Sexy girls from China ky.

By the time Sexy girls from China ky post was "harmonized" at 7: Meanwhile, the lights kept burning in Hong Kong last night as many people stayed up to wait for the announced soon-to-be-released video clip. This story Sexy girls from China ky to be featured on the front pages of the Hong Kong newspapers plus Taiwan's Sharp. Sing Tao and Headline News are adamant that these photographs were computer modifications, but the other newspapers are no longer insisting on that position.

Notwithstanding the intense scrutiny, there has been no convincing conclusive evidence that these photographs have been modified. In the fraud detection process, more instances out there means greater opportunity to detect the flaws.

But the new photographs only make it clear Nude Girls in Auburn Washington good the job was. If these photographs had been modified, then the person behind this has amazing skills.

The keyword right now is 'original material. So a great deal of scrutiny is made on the unnatural lines, awkward body positions, etc.

So far, nobody has spotted any technical manipulations. But where are the original photographs of these celebrities? They must exist somewhere out there and the whole affair would be over in an instant if just one of those original photographs can be found. Here are two candidates of the 'head transplants' where certain minor adjustments would have to be made.

It is 1am in the morning. The so-called photos Sexy girls from China ky and 14 have surfaced.

Sexy girls from China ky

These show a naked woman who resembles Cecilia Cheung spreading her legs. These are high-resolution photographs, and therefore Chin to technical analysis for computer modification.

Previously, the photographs of Gillian Chung were suspect because of Sexy girls from China ky noisy background -- people wondered if the noise had been deliberately added after the first computer modification was made. The details of these new photos should leave nothing to doubt especially for her husband Nicholas Tse, who must be familiar with the private parts of his wife. Photos 15 and 16 appeared to be higher resolution photos of the initial Gillian Girle series.

What else is going to show up tonight? The netizens of the world are staying up and waiting You ask: Where Sexy girls from China ky those photographs?

Here girs today's newspaper front pages: Apple Daily said Sexy girls from China ky more than detectives from the Hong Kong police's commercial crime division are involved in the investigation of Hong Kong netizens who have been involved in disseminating those photographs. At this point, more than 30 IP Sexy girls from China ky have been locked onto and the respective Internet Service Providers have been asked to provide the user information.

Here is a list of criminal liabilities via Ronny Tong: Viewing the photographs Legality: Legal Punishment: Storing the photographs Legality: Posting the photographs Srxy Legality: Illegal Punishment: Forwarding the photographs by email or mobile telephone Legality: Possibly illegal Punishment: See the ordinance on the control of obscene and indecent articles.