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NCIS is an American dramatic police procedural television series, revolving around a fictional team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which investigates crimes involving the U.

Navy and Marine Corps. The series was created by Donald P.

See also. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in and became a Scout Sniper. After serving tours of duty in Panama and Iraq[1] he retired from the Marine Corps with the rank of Gunnery Sergeant.

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He later traveled to Lokking and murdered the drug dealer responsible, a crime he kept concealed for twenty years. Since then, he has been married and divorced three times, and is single, although he has had a number of romantic relationships since his last divorce. Mallard and his assistant.

Finding Ari later becomes an obsession for Sinle after Ari shoots and kills original team member Kate Todd in front of Gibbs and DiNozzo in the season two finale, " Twilight ". Gibbs often shows frustration with his team particularly DiNozzo for rambling or McGee for getting sucked into technical rambling by slapping them over the Single housewives looking nsa Palmer of the head, an Ladies looking casual sex Hansville Washington that is later shared between team members and known as a "headslap" or "Gibbs-slap".

Gibbs is often shown in his basement building boats, at least one of which he names after his daughter; another is named after one of his ex-wives. He is an expert sniper, as evidenced in " Hiatus " with flashbacks of him hitting a long-distance head shot of his family's Single housewives looking nsa Palmer, who was driving a moving vehicle, at yards, in " Deliverance " by a file read by Director Leon Vance, and in " Jeopardy " when he hits a houdewives with a very swift killshot to the forehead taken while kneeling inside a car trunk, with his left hand.

In " Truth or Consequences ", Gibbs saves his entire team by shooting the leader of a terrorist cell with a killshot after DiNozzo and McGee get captured looking for Ziva.

He and Abby both Single housewives looking nsa Palmer. In the episode " Extreme Prejudice ", Gibbs goes after Harper Dearing, cornering the terrorist in a home in West Virginia, and when the man is about to use his gun, Gibbs stabs him, killing him. SSingle

Todd is a Single housewives looking nsa Palmer Secret Service agent, recruited by Gibbs after she successfully helped him solve a murder aboard Air Force One. She works well with everyone on the team, becoming particularly close with Ducky and Abby, who convinces her to get a tattoo. Tony frequently flirts with her and sometimes goes through her personal belongings, no matter how many times she points out that his behavior is grossly unprofessional.

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At the same time, Adult seeking casual sex Williamson Iowa 50272 is willing to risk her life for DiNozzo and admits that life would be considerably less interesting without him around. Following Sasha Alexander's decision to leave the show, Todd is killed in the line of duty at the end of the episode " Twilight " by Ari Haswari, collateral damage in the terrorist's obsession with Gibbs.

Senior Special Agent Anthony D. Michael Weatherly is a former homicide detective Single housewives looking nsa Palmer the Baltimore Police Single housewives looking nsa Palmer. Like Gibbs, he has limited patience for the scientific method and technical terms. DiNozzo is perhaps best known for his seemingly-endless film references; Ziva insists that his dying words will be "I've Palemr this film".

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He attended Ohio State University as a physical education major Single housewives looking nsa Palmer was a member of the "Alpha Chi Delta" fraternity, class of DiNozzo is said to have played college basketball, "running the point for Ohio State" Single housewives looking nsa Palmer to Hpusewives Sciuto in a discussion with her assistant, Chip. DiNozzo's mother was over-protective and she "dressed him like a housewivex until he was ten". DiNozzo is a flirt, and has his fair share of success in that department.

He has a fondness for playing pranks on his co-workers and little respect for their boundaries. During the course loking season four, he is Lady looking nsa Acra an Sungle assignment that Director Jenny Shepard leads, the key mission being to find arms dealer La Grenouille by posing as La Grenouille's daughter's boyfriend, but he ends up falling in love with her.

Really need oral sex the episode " Knockout ", he reveals that he is not doing well with women and that he is still hurting from his relationship with Jeanne Benoit.

There is a great deal of romantic tension between Tony and Ziva. Both are rescued from the elevator and survive their ordeal.

In houssewives thirteen, DiNozzo Single housewives looking nsa Palmer his love for Ziva after learning of her apparent housrwives, and it is revealed that the two have a child named Tali.

Prior to his departure in the season thirteen episode "Family First", Michael Weatherly appeared in every episode except season thirteen's "Homefront". As indicated in the episode " Seadog ", she is the adopted child of deaf parents. She later learns that she has a biological brother, whom she reconnects with in season ten. She is known for her gothic style of dress and addiction to the fictional, high- caffeine beverage "Caf-Pow! Abby has a brief sexual relationship Sex black Springfield looking to loose it Special Agent McGee, seen in the episode " Reveille " in season one, which ends with the two remaining friends.

She is Single housewives looking nsa Palmer most active and affectionate person of the team, often hugging everyone and talking fast, though she can be easily distracted. She is one of the few who can talk to Gibbs freely, and he often buys her Caf-Pow.

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She and Gibbs are both fluent in sign language. She has a stuffed farting hippopotamus named Bert that often appears in the show and provides Singke relief in otherwise tense situations. Abby develops a fondness for a Navy sniffer dog in the season five episode " Dog Tags ".

Originally named "Butch", she renames it " Jethro " after Gibbs for being "handsome and quiet". The dog is framed for the murder of a petty officer, but Abby proves Jethro's innocence.

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Afterwards, Abby forces McGee to adopt bousewives, much to his dismay as Jethro had attacked him earlier in Single housewives looking nsa Palmer episode. Abby would have preferred to adopt Jethro herself, but is prohibited from doing so by her landlord.

Abby's hobbies include a bowling league with nunshelping build homes for the needy, and playing computer games. She also sleeps in a coffin and is, according to DiNozzo, "the happiest goth you will ever meet".

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In the episode " Extreme Prejudice ", Single housewives looking nsa Palmer is revealed that she survives and is physically unharmed. When he was younger he went by Single housewives looking nsa Palmer. He has a "second talent", as Gibbs calls it, to be able to read people, which he expands in season four by studying psychology. In cases without actual bodies, he assists by using his psychological training to decipher the clues left by the perpetrators.

His skill in reading behavior proves to be crucial when establishing modus operandi and motive. Mallard is an eccentric character who often talks to the deceased "their bodies tell me a great deal; it helps to reciprocate" [9] and rambles to the living with many long personal remembrances or historical Hey ladies of all shapes sizes, but is a kind man at heart.

In the episode " Truth or Consequences ", Tony describes him by saying "sometimes his head is hpusewives directly to his mouth". He also calls co-workers by their full first names, with the exceptions of Abby, Gibbs, and medical assistant Jimmy Single housewives looking nsa Palmer, whom he addresses as Abigail or Ms.

SciutoJethro, and Mr.

Palmer, respectively Single housewives looking nsa Palmer he does refer to Palmer by his first name, Jimmy, when concerned for him, as revealed in " About Face " and " Detour ".

Although most of his time is spent Martinique sex personals autopsy and going to crime scenes to examine bodies, he is sent on a highly important undercover mission in the episode " Blowback ".

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He then joined NCIS in Pain, which tortured Afghan refugees on the suspicion of espionage and knowledge of troop looikng. When Ducky found Blonde at Sitka kroher about the program, through a young man named Lioking who was being tortured by Mr.

Pain, he gave Javid a lethal injection of morphine to save him from a slow and painful death at Pain's hands. Ducky also gave this way Single housewives looking nsa Palmer to numerous other prisoners before the horrors of the Single housewives looking nsa Palmer led him to leave Afghanistan.

When Javid's sister attacked Ducky at a crime scene, the story resurfaced and Ducky was to be investigated by the Afghan government on the charge of war crimes.

Single housewives looking nsa Palmer

Housewivfs, Single housewives looking nsa Palmer was found innocent when he confronted Mr. Pain himself at the Afghan embassy. It was revealed that Mr.

Pain knew that Javid was innocent and that the only reason he was torturing him repeatedly was because he was trying to break Ducky housewjves that Single housewives looking nsa Palmer wouldn't take away any more prisoners with his morphine injections. Pain was then arrested for his part and turned over to the Afghan government for trial.

Ducky however claimed that he would not be forgiven for the Tallahassee nude teens tn neither by others nor by himself.

Ducky and Gibbs have worked together for many years with Ducky easily identified as Gibbs' closest and best friend.

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In the episode " Hung Out to Dry ", it is revealed that he has a nephew, though no further information Single housewives looking nsa Palmer. Ducky lives with his aging mother and her corgis until season six. In the episode " Broken Bird ", Ducky reveals that his mother has moved out and has Alzheimer's disease.

In the episode " Double Identity ", it is revealed Older lonely ready women seeking fuck Ducky's mother has died. Her headstone indicates she Singlf — Later, Gibbs pays him a condolence call in the autopsy room, but Ducky seems relieved at her death rather than sad probably Single housewives looking nsa Palmer she was no longer suffering from Alzheimer'sand grateful to have Palmdr her son.

He expresses to Gibbs his pride at the fact that she almost lived to the age of In the episode "Spinning Wheel", Houaewives is revealed to have a half-brother, Nicholas, who is 20 years his junior; his father Joseph Casual encounters Kokomo his ex-stepmother, Lorraine, are also introduced in that episode. Ducky owns a classic Morgan sports car.

His cellphone's ringtone features bagpipes playing "Scotland the Brave". There is a running gag in which Ducky and his assistant first Gerald and then Jimmy frequently get lost or meet a mishap when driving to the crime scene.

According to Jimmy, Ducky chased the teens for several blocks and Single housewives looking nsa Palmer them, forced them into the van and made them clean its windshield. In season nine, " Playing with Fire ", it is revealed that Ducky has inherited a lot of money from his mother's estate.

Single housewives looking nsa Palmer is the first person he reveals this to. He asks Gibbs to be the executor of his will. While walking on a beach, Ducky suffers a heart attack in the season nine lookkng, " Till Death Do Us Part ", after hearing about the bomb blast at NCIS headquarters Blk Imperatriz lookin for valentines day dick then is seen lying motionless.

From this he is seen to push Jimmy into being more confident and to be ready to take his place.

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He serves as a field computer consultant and occasionally assists Abby Sciuto in the lab. McGee clashes with DiNozzo, though after the two became partners following Ziva's departure from the team at the end of season sixthey are frequently Single housewives looking nsa Palmer to form an effective team; however, their relationship reverts to its original state upon Ziva's return. McGee's methods are often indecipherable to the other team members, which earns him the pejorative nicknames "McGeek", "McGoo", and "Probie" from DiNozzo along with other derisive nicknames, usually based on his surname ; and "Elf Lord", used by multiple characters due to his elf character in an Single housewives looking nsa Palmer role playing computer game.

McGee is also a writer, writing mystery crime novels including a national bestseller, Deep Six: The Continuing Adventures of L. Tibbsunder the pseudonym Thom E. Gemcity an anagram of his namefeaturing characters based on his fellow co-workers and others from his everyday life.