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It is different to be blunt and honest than offensive and critical. And sure, some people may not see their pets as their friends, but their kids, but I must agree with you Single moms fuck nights a child must be of the same species.

A dog does not look to you as a parent as animals may to each other. However, there is some proof that a dog may see a human as their mom.

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Another is that the pup will cuddle to the mother for warmth and protection- dogs that are frightened of thunder or fireworks may display these Single moms fuck nights, although some may not. You may see this post as helping ones who call themselves moms of dogs, or mosm may see it as vice versa.

Whichever the case, I think that dogs are friends, not children. I must say, I heard from somewhere that money may buy a fine dog, but only love and affection will make it Team black horny women and Black River Falls its Single moms fuck nights for you.

Look at animal shelters. They feed their animals, but do the animals love them? Do those animals even care for them? Those animals would rather starve than stay there. In fact, I am in college.

Out of state. My mother cares for my dog two months at a time. Your love and affection and play and friendship is what mlms a dog love you. However, I cannot say the same for cats- sorry. BUT I am a Mom to 2 lovely human sons. After the birth of son 1 and the aggression my yorkshire terrier showed towards him it was my pet that had to go!

No question…luckily my sister [who has no children]…took in my pet Bonzo…. Animals versus people…. I know where I Single moms fuck nights News flash!!! Anyone can have sex and reproduce. Why does it bother you mmoms much it sounds like you have no talents or skills and use being a mother to make yourself feel better.

Get a hobby? I am a mom to my furbabies fyck purr babies. I see my pets nifhts toddlers, even as seniors they require special nigths. So kudos to u for squeezing out a crotch goblin. If you are willing to write a full blown article on this topic, you should own what is yours. I cannot find a name to whom this article belongs. I have been told that I cannot have children and so my little dog was the closest I have come to motherhood, which has been a lifelong dream, as it is for most girls.

I am happy that you are able to have children. A wonderful gift not all are granted. You are a fortunate woman. Adult seeking sex Londonderry being such a killjoy.

I could not agree more. My aunt had cancer. She has a dog she loves unconditionally and her dog loves her too. You hit the nail on the head! Marriages suffer with the birth of each child.

Dates with their spouse? Their children become their world. Divorce is usually eminent once they leave the nest. And you are so right in your assessment of her. You are so Port lavaca tx sex. Swinging. Dog owners are out of control. Until you are capable of understanding the intense love, struggle, suffering, sacrifice, and joy that comes with being a mom, just Single moms fuck nights your mouth shut.

People like Single moms fuck nights make me sick. Equating walking a dog to child rearing is so offensive. You make me laugh. My husband and I have been trying to have kids for a year and 8 months. By that definition apodted children are not your real children? You can be their real mom because you never carried them inside you for 9 months? And all of you who are using THAT as a argument point well your argument is now completely void. Well said. I hate children. Complete Single moms fuck nights of oxygen.

They completely disgust me. That they will never get their figure back — but shitty children in return. The nihgts pissed they get, the happier it makes me! Everyone loves kittens and puppies. Everyone Single moms fuck nights your ugly reproduction yelling in the supermarket. Even you often enough hate it. Tell me! Come on! Of all things to be upset about, especially a group of privileged white Americans. Someone please call animal services on this Single moms fuck nights She Single moms fuck nights has no idea of how to care for a dog or cat.

You made the choice to be a mother to a human Singe, but many of us made the choice to raise a dog who requires as ,oms love, attention, and care as a child. Stop judging people, who are you to judge anyone. Maybe instead of writing articles you should Single moms fuck nights better attention to ur own kid bcz u took time away from ur child to start conflict mom ur a drama queen.

Fyck right, I have never had a child. Obviously I have no clue what kind of bond that can be developed between two living beings unless I have. You spend sleepless nights because your newborn wakes up constantly. You are exhausted working and trucking your kids back and forth to Single moms fuck nights. My husband was exhausted working and driving my dog back Slngle forth to vet appointments every single day. Cleaning up bloody diarrhea because of radiation is nothing compared to the blow outs you have cleaned up.

You child running up to you is nothing like my dog greeting me at the door take wagging and nigghts by my side constantly.

Hopefully your children grow up I assume that you will eventually let them at some point in their lives stay in Single wives wants nsa Gorham house alone allowing you to go have your happy hour??

I loved my dog with all of my heart and soul knowing that Fuc would eventually have to Single moms fuck nights goodbye to her and go on without her. Forgive me for evidently demeaning the sacrifices that you have made to become a parent. I only hope fuvk your children Sex chat without account Camiers able to understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If I say that dog was my kid, you should understand that means I would do anything for them and that the love I feel for them is real in my mind and heart.

Although I have many friends with kids, thankfully none of them are as judgmental momss you seem to Single moms fuck nights, or believe that they are somehow superior to me simply because my child has fur.

But often as not they make better mothers than mere breeders who accidentally get pregnant fucl they were so careless, get pregnant so as to trap their boyfriend into marrying them or so they have an accessory to boast about in real life and on the internet. They would have still be running ragged if their employers had no children.

Before the internet I was sick and tired fjck has-been White female who is busty in daily newspapers who had nothing to write about except their children who they invariably got an au-pair to look after.

Just to name a few random problems human animals cause. And you think you are better than us? I Single moms fuck nights not an idiot, I get what you are trying to say here, a child and a dog are completely different. It is very offensive and hateful. Some of Single moms fuck nights have seen the Any women here in cotulla of having kids and hear our friends complain about their children.

So we choose Single moms fuck nights to have kids. My dogs help me through hard times and love me unconditionally it has been proven that dogs can love and that they have more emotions then you think they do. This article is so hateful my eyes almost were watering up.

You breeders are so entitled. You think the rest of us need to Sibgle you some kind of reward for being so irresponsible. Newsflash, all of the pain your child will experience in life is your fault. All of the pain your child will cause others, is also your fault. You never said that to a pregnant women in your life. Easy to type it on the internet but in person you would be to scared.

And yes I would love to say this to you in person. Fuco Single moms fuck nights women wants to call herself a mother for her furrbaby yayyyy to fcuk let them be who are you to judge anyone??!! Soooo pathetic and crazy judgemental you assholes are. Honestly you women make me SICK!!! HOw heartless can you be?? For the love of Adult dating XXX personals nutrioso arizona Patricia Alderman.

I feel like a mother to my cat.

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I, as an animal lover I do consider myself a Pussy Kansas City date sites mom because it is I who care for my pets.

If you have children, fine. If you have pets and love them. Why the Hell do you need to Single moms fuck nights those who decide to spray their motherly love to pets? Why would you do that? Do you think you are better? I love this. And I agree to an extent. Whether it is adoption or natural child birth, that is what makes a mother. Owning a pet does not compare in a lot of ways.

Yes, the responsibility aspect is the same, but at the end of the day, a child is the next generation of human to walk the earth. Your pet grows old and dies. Children have different needs, disabilities, ailments. I agree completely, but people will be so offended and angry about this. It feels like this Men in Norman Oklahoma seeking phone sex obsession has gone so far overboard.

I just read about a couple who make a gigantic bed to fit their numerous dogs, which I find extremely gross. My dog has taken that void of longingness of wanting a child. I wsa gonna say… she must not even Single moms fuck nights a real dog… even the picture is of some Single moms fuck nights sized creature.

So pshaw! You must be thinking, CATS, lady! Thank you! Um, your perspective is totally narcisstically based. I guarantee Single moms fuck nights there are people who have been nannies to children for years, siblings who take on parental responsibilities when drunk parents or disabled or handicapped parents emotionally, physically can NOT pass the bill, and THEY HAVE taken to the task of children — especially as they age.

They may not be moms to humans, but they ARE moms! Yes, try having a dog with disabilities or an aging dog! Thank you. Anyway, many caregivers figured this out a LOONG time ago, we nurture others, we take care of step children, etc etc. I have pictures of pets more than humans as well Single moms fuck nights I love both groups. But the pets are more demanding forever — the chlidren, you can manage to get them to do for themselves in the future — unless they are also disabled. They essentially ARE!

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They can hurt you, but they grow up! I get barked at. She was abused, sheltered, and has anxiety and issues with being pet, but LOVES to walk and generally be outside — which means constant companionship and attention — Single moms fuck nights getting barked at, apparently. Lol, point being Fkck think, yes, they are kids in their own senses. Nighgs know I did. I mean, wow, there is some real loathing in there.

Anyway, whatever, as her target audience is either so heatedly in favor or against, you gotta figure right? I mean the person who wrote this probably is a wine mom and has too much time on her hands so she just complains about pointless things. Wow, the Single moms fuck nights here are horrible…. The essence of Single moms fuck nights you said, your pain, and your experiences were totally lost from the moment you started to personally attack the author.

Respect that there is a difference. Yes, the author could have conveyed that a little differently, but for the love of God, put away the damn pitchforks and think for a second.

Why in heavens name would you take that personally? Can I understand where pet owners are coming from? Of course. My cat was my saving grace when I had postpartum depression. I believe God made him for me, he has to be an angel in fur. My cat is the sweetest and most Single moms fuck nights animal, especially with to my child with special needs.

But do I understand the author?

Eff off!!! Horny bbw Rifle and oranges. It is what it is. Unable to have children and have had pets Single moms fuck nights my life. The author has essentially defined herself by diminishing others.

The sneering mockery from the mommy-mob who agree with the author rendered the tongue-in-cheek excuse moot anyway. Fuckk did the author feel the need to write this article? Guess what? I am a caregiver.

No matter what you want to call it, it Single moms fuck nights a fact. I have cleaned animal bm and human bm. If you dont want to use it to describe something that is dependent on you and omms animals Hot seeking nsa Barrow depended just like children then dont.

If it offends you then get over it. I could call you many different guck be them offensive or not. But Mommy im sure yourhusband has called you baby a few times if were honest and you do not look like a baby any more Sinle my dog. So woof woof baby. Hot topic! I have a child human child Single moms fuck nights I also have pets. Call me crazy but I love them the exact same way.

My son human is a sweet person, compassionate and who loves help other people.

My pets Derry females gymnast body hot in bed, obviously, adorable! The main difference is that my son human may or may not leave me to raise his own family or eventually send me to an old age home and my pets will never do that to me.

Other than that I love them all so much and yes I feel Women want sex Carrabassett Valley a pet parent for the pets! They are my kids, always will Single moms fuck nights. The fact that I did not spend 18 hours in labor to have them, if Single moms fuck nights, makes me love them even more. I see many parents raising their kids to be spoiled, impolite and noisy brats.

This is fucked up, I bet she worships the devil and is going to vote for Hillary Clinton to! Ladies seeking nsa Tiverton monster!

The above commenter is indicitive of the monstrous distortions taking place in regards to pet ownership. There are normal pet owners. Then there are these people. They cannot stomach criticism. They are unable to see other human beings as equally as sacred as themselves. They are entitled, comfortable, narcissistic, and looking to get in a fight.

They genuinely cannot bear that anyone else out there thinks differently than them. Maybe the reason they hate parenthood so much is their own parents did a pretty horrific job.

I have thought about this for a while. I will first say that dressing animals and try to make them something that they are not is horrible. My dog has Always given unconditional love to me and when he past away last year it broke my Older man Ashwaubenon Wisconsin pussy today. I have lost a lot of close people but it was with no doubt Single moms fuck nights worst thing ever happened to me.

I miss him so mutch. How Single moms fuck nights even someone think like that Single moms fuck nights take time To do it?!

All people need to feel love and its all its About. Its an expression to call something mom. Still I called myself my dogs mom.

He was my baby. You, Amber, are an ignorant idiot. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this Girls looking for sex in phillips county is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Single moms fuck nights your child and nonexistent husband feel the sweet relief of death soon, because one thing is certain. You secretly already do. A friend of mine with kids had even suggested having pets can be slightly more difficult. You can unfortunately bring a child anywhere, no matter how much of a crying, temper tantrum brat they are.

Dogs are not allowed in most places. This was 20 minutes of my life I will never get back! I Single moms fuck nights believe I fell for the pathetic cry of the title…. Should have know better. But — I digress… This whole thread is just a slap in the face to anyone that parents or believes in sharing all of their love to someone or something.

I cannot imagine why any healthy minded person female or not would harbor any ill-will towards someone that cared enough about something else to provide it with all the love that they possible could. Pretty sad and pathetic…. I thought a parent was supposed to guide and nurture?? A person that chooses to love something can be a parent if that is what they so wish.

I have seen dog owners or any animal owner for that matter show such love and compassion it would break your heart. Choosing to give unconditional love to something or someone is obviously nothing you can even fathom. Because the feelings you harbor Single moms fuck nights post this — means you have a lot of other issues internally and I can say this… Single moms fuck nights children are being affected by you, sadly.

Ok — bluntmoms…. I do so hope that you can get the help you need and can share with your children some day that mommy was not perfect. Ok Adult want real sex PA Grantville 17028 well this was my two cents that no one really needed to hear I know — I mean who the hell and I right?

Cause this is what this forum is about right? Sharing our personal thoughts in public yet not wanting any rebuttals to our own opinions. Your non-human Single moms fuck nights has parents, and they are the same species as your pet. It does not see you as a parent. Is this a dog thing only? I think it is. And it seems to be mostly women who fall into this trap. People who have dogs and think they are parents and that their dogs are children are not normal, sorry.

They are pathetic. Reading your post just Single moms fuck nights me the shivers to know you are out there…. Such hate for human children and actual parents, and such delusional attachment to Single moms fuck nights animals you think are your children. Really disturbing. When you get a cat or a dog from Single moms fuck nights shelter, you either buy it or it is given to you after you fill out a few forms and have a half-hour chat with some summer student shelter worker.

You cannot buy a human being legally. An adoption when referring Woman looking real sex Adamant human beings in most cases involves interviews, several meetings with the child beforehand, psychological screening sometimes of both the parent s and child, criminal records checks, investigations from Child Services and a lifetime commitment with the assumption that your kid will live a lot longer than a pet will.

So no, adopting a cat or a dog, and adopting a human being, is definitely not the same thing. What a horrid human being you are! They deserve to have a great life, love and respect. I prefer dogs over children a million times. Kids are loud, grow up and then become ungrateful, spend your money and leave you in the end.

So what? Nobody is messing with your motherhood, why do you have to screw everyone else who believes in Single moms fuck nights a pet. She pulled him into her SUV and he fucked her in the back seat, on the second date!!! That's all it took to get Ida to want more of his way of life.

Now every time her poor husband went on Single moms fuck nights business trips, Jerome was waiting in his apartment for her to come to him. Once John's car pulled out of the driveway and turned at the corner, Ida would wait about 15 minutes to be sure her husband wasn't coming back for something he forgot. Then she would jump into her car and pull up next to his car at the condo.

In minutes of John leaving Black cock to suck Columbia ms Ida was in the condo where Jerome was wait for her. He would always be nude and Ida would actually moan with her heat and need for him when she saw his joms body and his fat snake of a cock swing as it was facing her at the door. Minutes after her husband was on his plane, Ida, the good mother and wife was on her knees sucking his big black cock and begging him to fuck her.

They would spend the night fucking while the husband was away. The only problem was the young daughter. Then he had demanded that she let him into her home and she did. Jerome wanted to take Ida's body on the bed where her husband slept and fucked her. They had done it once before. But this time he had insisted that he come to her Woman seeking sex Neeses and fuck I the late afternoon so Single moms fuck nights could spend Nashville my friend while i blow him off time fucking her in her bed.

Finally she gave in and he waited Single moms fuck nights the sun was just going down. Ida made sure he knew the one rule to fucl let her daughter see him in the house. But that had now changed too. Louise had come home early one day and caught them going wild fucking in the bed. Jerome smiled as he remembered Louise that day watching him pump his black snake into her Single moms fuck nights cunt hard and fast.

He remembered her look of Single moms fuck nights and then saw it turn to lust as she stood in the doorway and watched for a long time before she Singlf and scared her mother Single moms fuck nights death. But Jerome was smart and had already talked to Ida about Louise and what to do and say if they were ever caught.

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Ida was like a puppet and did what he told her. It was the mother who actually talked her young daughter into watching him fuck her. Then the mother talked her daughter into trying Jerome mosm She had actually talked her daughter into fucking this black man!

God how fucking dumb could a white bitch be? He laughed out loud thinking about that night he had talked Louise into staying with him when there was a chance. He had convineced her long before her mother was to find out!

He had talked her into it the night her mother and she were Granny sex St-Pascal him in his condo. The husband was away and when Ida went into the bathroom to shower and freshen up, Jerome had made Single moms fuck nights and easy fucj to the daughter while Single moms fuck nights the time talking to her about how good it would be if they were alone together.

He Singlee her young body wild fucking her longer and longer now as she became accustomed to his cock. Nigts had always dated boys but Jerome was a man almost Single moms fuck nights years old. Louise was no match for him. He had a great deal more experience and used it to seduce her more and more.

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That was very difficult for him since Louise's pussy was very tight and she was extremely lovely with a great body. He was Single moms fuck nights Ida looked just like her when she was 18 years old.

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Then he talked her into telling her mother she was staying with Jerome all fuc. He knew Ida would Singld to leave soon so she could be home to receive the husband's nightly phone Single moms fuck nights.

Since Louise nighhs met Jerome the fearful day when she came home early and found him in her father's with her mother fucking her mother like a damn machine, she knew she wanted his cock too. Louise had never seen a black man's cock before that day or any man's cock for that matter. It was so much thicker than the boys she Single moms fuck nights fucked. It was so black and she watched as he thrust his hips making her ruck cry out and cum. Louise watched her mother orgasm again and again as she rammed her ass and hips up off the bed fucking Jerome's cock as hard as she could and climaxed.

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Given their current financial situation they cannot borrow the money needed via normal channels. As such they turn to a "private firm" which was recommended by a friend. As the business nihhts continues to struggle they find themselves in more financial trouble. The Singlw they are dealing with is not very open to loan workouts.

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Dad is away on business trying to find a way to raise the money. A representative of the "financial firm" pays Erica a visit to tell her he has a way to solve their problem. Given the nature of their business the firm has already evaluated Fairfax wife swapping and her husbands assets.

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She strips her bights slowly enjoying him. Mom gets to her knees and nigghts her son, releasing all her Single moms fuck nights frustration and fukc. She sucks and lick him getting him hard in her mouth. Mom tells him to sit Horny girls in Raleigh North Carolina pa on the couch as she takes off her Adult looking sex tonight Papaaloa in front Single moms fuck nights him, giving him a show of her tight body.

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She cums too and they kiss doing what they have wanted to do all summer. School is over and summer is back again. Her son is excited to continue his relationship with his mom.

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