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We work together san moms looking to fuck

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Optional email Fuck in apopka. Election Day! Polls open 7am-8pm. No Endorsement Lieutenant Governor: Alex Padilla Controller: Betty Yee State Treasurer: Xavier Becerra Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara Board of Equalization, District 2: Congress, District No Endorsement Eork.

Jackie Speier. State Assembly, Districts No Endorsement State Assembly, Districts Phil Ting.

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Not official endorsements, but recommendations based on our research below: Carol A. NO Leondra R. YES James M. YES Sandra Margulies: NO James A. NO Marla Miller: NO Peter John Siggins: YES John B. YES Alison M.

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YES Barbara Jones: State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond. Community College Board: Janice Li Board of Education: Prop 1: YES Prop 2: YES Prop 3: YES Prop 4: YES Prop 5: Expand Prop 13 for Property Owners: Prop mo,s Prop 7: YES Prop 8: Regulation of Kidney Dialysis Charges: YES Prop 9: Prop Repeal Costa Hawkins!

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Allow Expansion of Rent Control! NO Prop New Standards for Confinement of Farm Animals: Prop A: YES Prop B: Privacy First Policy: YES Prop C: Prop D: Two for One! YES Prop E: Paul Bellar Public Defender: Jeff Adachi.

We work together san moms looking to fuck

Board Lesachtal pussy finder Supervisors, District 2: No Endorsement Board of Supervisors, District 4: Gordon Mar Board of Supervisors, District 6: Matt Haney Board of Supervisors, District 8: Rafael Mandelman Board of Supervisors, District Like our voter guide? Share it with your friends, and kick us down a couple of bucks to help us print the guide.

For the price of a beer, we can print and distribute voter guides. Help us out! Looking for help with cities outside SF?

Why not Gavin Newsom? He was consistently on the side of big businesstried to co-opt immigrant rights activists while reporting immigrant youth to ICEand generally acted like a spoiled rich kid who was too good for the rest of us. Dude, when you split San Francisco for the burbs as soon as you were elected Lt.

Governor, you kinda forfeited your right to lecture us about homelessness! After all, actually accomplishing something for normal Californians would jeopardize his chance We work together san moms looking to fuck hair-gel-slime-trailing his way into the White House. Lieutenant Governor: Do we really need a Lieutenant Governor?

The Lt. He has a long record of votes and legislative scorecards that show him landing somewhere between the progressive and squishy-middle camps in Sacramento, depending on the issues.

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Her family made a fortune in real estate, and she was the President of their company, AKT Development. She says that money is now being directed to a foundation to fight climate change.

Both of these candidates talk good games on issues like making college affordable, protecting the climate, and building affordable housing.

They would both probably be fine at this do-nothing job. Side note: We think having this role would have been good for keeping Gavin preoccupied. The Republican challenger is a Trumper who should be disqualified for his fashion sense alone.

Vote Alex Padilla for Secretary of State! In the Controller primary we supported progressive Democratic candidate John Perez, but Betty Yee and the Republican were the top two vote getters and so we endorsed Yee in the November race.

Just this year, she backed calls by Sacramento legislators to expand sexual harassment training throughout the capital.

State Treasurer: She was part of the conservative block on the Board of Supes and was somewhere between decent and awful in the Assembly. But when push comes to shove, we question whether she would stand up against the big money that has funded all of her campaigns.

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One of his big policy ideas is to cut the income tax on start-ups. No thanks.

Zhao campaigned against gender-neutral bathrooms in schools using transphobic language back in When she was recently called out on it, she attacked the Harvey Milk club in Chinese language posts, while apologizing in English. Xavier Becerra, the Democratic incumbent, loooking 12 terms in Congress before Jerry Brown appointed him to replace Kamala Harris when she won her Senate seat.

Becerra beat out Sanders-style candidate Dave Jones in the June primary, and we found both togethre these candidates inspiring! Vote Xavier Becerra for Attorney General!

Insurance Commissioner is just one person wielding huge power. The Insurance Commissioner is responsible for regulating healthcare insurance companies, investigating insurance fraud, and will also be tasked with deciding who pays for utility-caused wildfires in California. Ricardo Lara was the first openly gay person of color elected to the California Senate in He's a statewide lefty, having served in the Assembly and previously worked for Kevin de Leon as his communications director.

His focus has been the California resistance to Trump and single payer healthcare. He authored the law that allows all low-income undocumented children and youth to enroll in full-scope Medi-Cal.

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