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Why dont women need driving licenses

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I have been on lkcenses rides across the country. When she was going through depression, Sana went on a solo bike ride across India.

Why dont women need driving licenses Look For Sex Date

Riding her bike was the only thing that kept her going, she says. But despite being a rider for several years, she constantly faces derogatory jokes on women riders.

One of the drjving for such a low number of women drivers is that women are constantly discouraged by the comments they frequently face. She was a good driver, but after the accident, people warned her so much about driving that she is now scared.

Now her husband drops her to the office. Geetika, a year-old IT professional says that even though she can drive, when she is with her male friends, they insist on driving.

It is not just the men. Once my best friend and I went out for a drive.

A car driivng taking too long to turn. When I first started driving an auto rickshaw inpeople used to make fun of me.

Saritha used to work with the Delhi Transport Corporation, and on her first day on the job, many male colleagues were very sarcastic.

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Women hold just 5. When men drive badly, the individual is blamed.

But when women make a mistake, the whole gender is mocked. Image for representation.

When Saritha was training to drive heavy vehicles, she faced similar comments. The News Minute newsletter Sign up to get handpicked news and features sent to your inbox.