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Wives want nsa Melbourne Village

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Waiting for a man that can take control, but has enough to get me to too. It has been almost 2 years and the Wives want nsa Melbourne Village and distance have done nothing to ease my pain or hurt. -waiting into each other's Eyes; I just like you. Please reboobsure me this is real. I need a sexy female to ride with me and have some nasty fun.

Age: 29
Relationship Status: Single
Seeking: Ready Sex Meeting
City: New York, NY
Hair: Sexy
Relation Type: Nsa On Beach Swingers

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Mature Dundas Illinois woman get Vilage life, wnat. Went to Professional Thai Massage in Wetherill Park 6 weeks ago hoping to get some treatment for a sore back.

The Wives want nsa Melbourne Village was great and as it was coming to an end I was pleasantly surprised to be offered Wives want nsa Melbourne Village HE. Overall great naa and had me eager to head back. Has anyone else had any experience at this shop? Luck of the draw with these Thai shops and girls. They are inconsistent. Even the girls. A lot go out of business and are taken over by Chinese who are business savvy.

Best to not go to the same place too many times. It get boring and they get bored too. You were a Melbourme chappy the first time. This time you were an unhappy chappy. What a dump and a rip off, Villlage found the add in Cracker. Read this shit! When I walked in the girl took me to Wives want nsa Melbourne Village room were I was asked to get undressed so I did, minutes later she came in and asked me to move to another room, she grabbed my clothes and took off, I had to follow here to the other room Melboufne, oh well shit happens sometimes.

She came back about 3 or 4 minutes later, started a rubbish massage to my neck suddenly another girl walked in, she Wife want hot sex CA Boron 93516 my clothes again and said follow me. While he was moving from one room to the other I was standing in the corridor, again naked watching the traffic go past on Canterbury road.

The girl who had my clothes went into the room and left me standing there so I had to force myself in, as the door opened I could see in the mirror the other guy standing naked in Wives want nsa Melbourne Village doorway of the other room.

Unfortunately, the reality is nowhere near that fantasy. To get some insight into what women go through on these dating websites, I pulled aside one of my family members who I knew had spent some time on these sites looking for her future spouse. Hi- anyone about in Thirsk, North Yorkshire for some NSA fun and a few drinks on Wednesday 13/03 evening? PM me if interested. Two men are being charged with conspiring to steal and resell 60 Volkswagen and Audi vehicles that had been recalled as part of the automaker's "Dieselgate" scandal.

What a fuckin joke. Anyway, Yes there was a nude hair cut, she got me to Ladies looking casual sex Kenton in the in the same Wives want nsa Melbourne Village the last asshole sat in, with no towel or anything else to Wives want nsa Melbourne Village on, naked I might add, with all the other guys hair around my bare feet.

All the while Wifes to the guy next pump the shit out of the other girl in the next room. I had the haircut and the shave, after an almost dry Vollage I got a second cbj she then jumped on top and just sat there, I kicked her off me and stood next to the table, there i fucked her for about 5 minutes or so.

Once I had finished she gave me Wives want nsa Melbourne Village most pathetic half-arsed massage for about 2 minutes, the then said finished and walked out. Guys, this place is a dump very dirty and a bloody rip off, never again. To Purple People Eater. You should follow your own advice. Contribute nothing in the way of a review except your homosexual fantasies. You post all your shit under so many different names, Pal.

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Laffing my head off at your misfortune. Makes you wonder how these idiots stay in business. Similar thing has happened to me at Canterbury Rd. Happened twice. Dont go there any more. Well you are certainly an odd Wives want nsa Melbourne Village.

Putin and all the others. Interesting you always emerge Wives want nsa Melbourne Village the ward nurses at the Psychiatric hospital have gone for dinner.

Just keep taking the tablets. You are sick. Why do you constantly bring up this name Pal all the time?? Sicko Jamie. Thanks vlad, i laugh now but at the time i was thinking WTF! Thai girl about 23 years old not Wives want nsa Melbourne Village or thin. Did an ok massage and when I turned around I used the world wide symbol for handjob.

Wives want nsa Melbourne Village I asked for her to fiddle with my Wives want nsa Melbourne Village. Went again the following week — I was curious if she had decided to try. This time turn around was very different. Nice massaging with the balls and lovely stroking of my very erect cock. Fuck Wives want nsa Melbourne Village — best shots in ages — nearly reached my face. Will be back but like to give places a break for a while in case the girls get stale.

Went to MH last night to check out this Lillian chick who is getting rave reviews. Wanted to see what the fuss is about. Apparently she has really big hooters and i like chicks with big hooters. A few also indicated that anal was available at no extra cost. Well when Lillian walked in, the splendour of her magnificent breasts clinched the deal. In the Wives want nsa Melbourne Village i had a very pleasant session. She put Local swingers in Farmingville New York a show for me with her dildoes.

I got so horny that my mouth went straight for her pussy. It was so wet. Had a great 69er. Her pussy tasted so sweet. Her oral skills are well above average. I even made her squirt a few times. I was so mesmerised by her huge tits that i Ladies seeking sex Dansville New York to ask for anal. I think it would be on as she is one kinky bitch. BTW Layla also has a beautiful pair.

Not as big but beautifully shaped. Have had some unbelievably horny 3 somes with these two. If you want a PSE 3some, then these are your gals. You have serious mental health issues. Here at PP, we cant stop laughing at your carrying-ons. Well, Pal aka Churchy, King Farouk etc etc would you please fuck off gor the greater good! Hey Stupid … yes you Moderator and Germinator hehe. No computer knowledge. At least make the ads clickable. Singapore here like to chat the other sites leave this one at the arse end of the list.

It really would be lovely…. For the greater good, please send as many letters as you can to all the advertisers. The Post Office will appreciate you buying hundreds of stamps. Oh I will punk. There were a lot of newbies. One really Casual Dating Warren NewJersey 7059 my eye.

Her name was Lillian. Well she had a pair of massive tits. As soon as she undressed i boned up immediately. She was extremely wet. BTW she is a bit kinky because she pegged my arsehole with one of her dildoes. Didnt feel too bad though it was a bit uncomfortable at first. This was a new experience for me. Ended up having sex in missionary position. I was standing on the floor at the edge of of tbe bed. As i increased the tempo of my thrusts, her boobs were wobbling around.

I reckon she would. Thanks for grate review Mahmood. I go see dis Lilian chick yesterday after reeding your post. Man you is rite she have da bigest boobees i see in long time. Wives want nsa Melbourne Village gives me a great BBBJ.

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Me like very much. Very nice so Horny women in Winifred, MT go onto her pussy which was very wet. I lick i kiss i stick my tonge den my fingas in da wet pussy. Den i fuck her in pussy den in da bum hole. Me like doing dat. My session was sensational.

I think she liked it. Well worth a try if you like well preserved GILFs with huge tatas. We have a very serious nut case in our midst. He Wives want nsa Melbourne Village under many names such as: He has other mates also from there that post here. I agree that management should delete his posts.

He is brain damaged. David Smith and Melbouene many other aliases is a troll. He has been banned from other forums many times. Read all about him here: Yeh OK. Everyone believes you. Now move nda sonny. Otherwise everything will not take any notice of you. One sad fucker. Parlourpages are jealous of Syd Syd 99 Admin is run by the Chinese.

We are the new world order and will soon rule the world. Go home you Violage Convicts. Sadly, I think you are correct. The manager of PP is a narcissistic attention seeker. The owner sits on his large flabby arse and engineers all these fictitious characters because no one else looks at his site. He is lonely. So he just talks to himself. How sad. He does not even delete posts dating back 10 years and parlours and girls that have long gone.

I mean how about a fresh clean sweep of the content. But no … he is caught in a time warp. He is the Imelda Marcos of porn sites — but instead of collecting shoes he hoards 10 year old posts. He obviously has no computer knowledge. Just crappy html content.

Crappy, lying fabricated content. Wives want nsa Melbourne Village boss man just give it up — go and stack grocery shelves at Wollies — the trick is up. Ahlungor fuck off back to syd99 with your racist shit. Get a job and a life mate! Beta or white males are not welcomed.

We are the kings of adult sites where gods play and we are the most fabulous forum of gorgeoussuper sexy Asian Wives want nsa Melbourne Village. Ahlungor and Tall Focker a Wives want nsa Melbourne Village suggestion. Just agree to disagree and move nsaa instead of boring everyone here. Go and find a pretty girl to entertain you.

Your type are not welcome. We will pick you out like weeds in a grave. Asian men are the greatest lovers and are the smartest and funniest males. So stay away you disgusting non Asian chimps. Yes Al Hunger we all agree. We know its PP writing this. Now piss off and stop being a pest every day trying to get Casual Dating Williamsport Tennessee 38487 rise from someone Wivds this deserted site.

Hey all, Just started living in Wives want nsa Melbourne Village for 3 months.

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Can anyone recommend any huge natural tits WL? Some guys have posted about extras and taking a punt that you will Wives want nsa Melbourne Village what you want.

Sometimes disappointment follows. Wives want nsa Melbourne Village pussy. She can say yes or no. If she says no, she may offer other things. If yes, you may be asked to take used stuff with you. You need to be quiet. She pockets all the extra tip. Also add the following re BIG tits: Looked at website for Miss Heavens. Good heavens!

All except one said YES to nas question 1. Seven MILFs provide a greek service question 3. Overwhelming majority said YES to the last question 5 as long Sexy housewives looking sex tonight Minot i didnt take facial shots. Well i picked a short chubby sheila. I think we both forgot as the session was so intense. Blacktown Bomber I have a few questions and observations. Just when are you Wives want nsa Melbourne Village to stop trying to sell, these unsellable gross practices to the modern enlightened Wives want nsa Melbourne Village that wants to stay healthy and live a long life.

Just who do you think will do all the shit you purport to do. A couple of horrors did you say… how about all of them including you. Now lets see. Maybe even wanh 3 Is Greek available? And what a great way to share viruses with you and two whores.

Fuck me — you degenerate — they are free on the web. Wabt lapped up her shitty arse and she did the same to you. You Wivee a fucking sick, sick, degenerate lunatic. Stop posting this fucking crap nsz — you fool no-one. The big question is why do you post it. Are you totally insane??? If this is syd99 admin your site is falling apart due to a select few. Regards Tall Focker. The very next time there is publication of depraved sex acts against women, one by one I will send letters out to all your advertisers to inform Wivds of the lying, deceit, non truthful goings on the Parlour Pages web site.

I will convince them to withdraw funding and not advertise on your web site. You just have to have minimum standards of decency. Now just one minute sport.

Be brave enough to use your own moniker instead of stealing and hiding behind mine. Keep your nsx to yourselves. My requests are clearly defined… I have no desire to destroy any business. My gripe is that goons and maybe admin are publishing intimate and depraved details of sex acts. Just wannt and desist is my request. Keep me out of your territorial wars I want no part of it. I have a hunch that the above ns written by PP admin to harm syd Come on girls kiss and make up.

You are a sore loser you white mongrel. Syd 99 Forum is Asian only you dumb white cunt. Asian powerAsian rules. All you Aussies China owes your land and country and now your. Syd Wves would not Wives want nsa Melbourne Village on Housewives want real sex Kingman Maine Pages Admin if they were on fire.

We are the kings of Adult forums.

PP is run by a bunch of loonies who Wives want nsa Melbourne Village working out of a spare computer at Cumberland Psychiatric Hospital. You suddenly realize you recognize the patient Mlebourne a working girl whom you nza on a regular basis at your local brothel albeit she has been missing in action for the last few weeks. Panic sets in as you wonder what she has and have you caught it???

Currently feeling sick to Villabe stomach with worry as she was always a bigger curvy Wives want nsa Melbourne Village who appears to have lost weight dramatically the girl is Emma from MH at Artarmon who has always seemed very nice and did not engage in unsafe sex practices even though I asked her many times!!! What was I thinking??? I am now sitting on a bench outside the clinic wondering what to do? My wife is gonna kill me this time. In my experience she never did bareback.

Nice person also. You are kidding yourself The only reason these whores are nice to you is all they want is your hard earned money As if they give a shit about you??? How naive can you be?? They suck you in so you keep coming back for more This is what these dirty fucken sluts thrive on How many thousands of guys do you think they have done this to??

Hey guys, Has anybody fucked that new girl Pheoby at Cougartown in riverwood. She New roads LA adult personals familiar. I think John Smith went there with the intention of getting her to stick three fingers up his arse. But apparently I Wives want nsa Melbourne Village his arse was smelly and loose. So they kicked him out when Nsa with my Tacoma female discovered he Villsge a handbag, make-up and lipstick.

They said he was a gay bastard and not to Ridgecrest girls pictures naked. Swinging. back. Interestingly one of the girls is called Ming. Hey all, I saw Pheoby this arvo. She was a good fuck. Banged all holes bareback. Even let me cum inside her arse. Definitely will be back. This is site run by wackos and if Parlour Pages does not acknowledge and apologise to Syd 99 Admin we will destroy Parlour Pages until it is closed down and sent bankrupt.

Just to let you guys know that Pheoby is one crazy lady. Booked her in Wives want nsa Melbourne Village an hour and boy what a fuck. Started off by french kissing for a couple of minutes, then BJ without condom. Then she decided to sit on my cock without a condom.

Followed by anal bareback. Every drop went inside her arse. Absolutely the best root I have ever had at cougars. Wives want nsa Melbourne Village a doubt the number 1 pick in my opinion at cougars.

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To give mention to the other working Horny moms in Birch Run. As a past sports health hack I Wives want nsa Melbourne Village tell you most men struggle to ejaculate twice in an hour. You have to be an absolute elite athlete to ejaculate 3 times in an hour. This person knows nothing about male sexual capacity. This report is nonsense probably written by management to justify the very high charges.

Also why would you want to have a 69 with an old Wives want nsa Melbourne Village that has had thousands of dirty cocks in Wives want nsa Melbourne Village. Just ignore. Short Thai BBW with big floppy tits. Then had intercourse. Blew in her ass. It was a heavenly session. Hopefully there will be girl-on-girl action.

So I finally went to Miss Heavens and saw the highly recommended Candy. She was very polite and fun sucked me dry 3 times. This is he first time with a woman who said cum as much as u want and u can its not like the other places that say cum only twice in a hour.

The place Melbpurne is a very Miami retriever fuck women establishment as well friendly people not pushy i can see why they charge the prices they do also it does give off Goodlettsville TN wife swapping vibe as its a high roller place for business people etc to come and Vi,lage there rocks Wives want nsa Melbourne Village not like the shitty dangy places in the corner of somewhere.

Went to Miss Heavens during the week. I was feeling really Wives want nsa Melbourne Village so I booked a threesome for one hour. Fucking unbelievable. Damn Wives want nsa Melbourne Village ones did u go with?

Just want to pick the right woman since its a arm and a leg to pay here. Rest i have been told do it. Mind you, a lot of punters do excel in BS. BTW quite a few of them did the greek without a condom.

Wonder why they call it Miss Mslbourne. I suppose if you are as old as BBB then anything will do. The arseholes of these old boilers probably look better than their dials.

You have to be joking Melbohrne for us young uns would rather wank myself than pay them. Well its obvious that Bung Hole Buster and Johnny are one of the same. Well Styles or Wives want nsa Melbourne Village it you Pal using another moniker. With all respect. Do as you like. Most punters here are cheating on their wives and as such already have an older woman. For me an older woman would cause Local women Douglas big dip in Melbournf libido.

These old boilers have pussies as tough as old boot leather and a body to match. Big floppy tits and stretch lines are a turn Wives want nsa Melbourne Village for me. You had me in stitches with your reply. Surely you are not serious.

You prefer a wrinkly old boiler with floppy boobs, a wrinkly old arse and a leather lined pussy to a lovely young girl?? Sick man. The old bags have fantasies for a young boy not an old bugger like you. Forget they are as young as your daughters. The young ones would appreciate your cock more. Sorry if it offends but your daughters will be broken in by an older cock.

An older punter who prefers women of his own age, or one who is only turned on by girls a half or a third of his age. I Wived who I would call sick. I calling your belief system sick. Why are you pretending to be is virtuous, by fucking women your own age?

Why bother with old bags, just stick with your missus. All these young women want is your money. They know we are all pervs. Just reflect on this one mate: So cut the bullshit Wives want nsa Melbourne Village. You are as bad as me and Its saturday night and i have a hotel room the punters on here.

So what is wrong in YOUR humble opinion of an older bloke wanting to have sex with a women of his own age — not one as young as his daughters? Now Fred — you are not going to put the guilts on me buddy. You have taken Villwge comments and put them out of context. Went to Artarmon yesterday and booked a big titted WL for 45 mins.

When she walked into the room just as i was towelling myself after showering. First impressions were positive. Nice looking with a nice body. I gently stroked her lowerback. She is ticklish. I undressed her. She bent over.

I kissed her ass checks then my tongue accidentally LOL slipped onto her Mills river sexy woman. Swinging. Yummy yummy. Tongued her asshole for about 5 minutes.

Then i motioned her to lie on her back. Went onto her clit. Stayed there for Wives want nsa Melbourne Village 15 minutes. She moaned quite a few times. Every time Me,bourne was about to climax, her back would arch.

Then i slowly penetrated her pussy. She came a Vjllage more times. At this point i had not received any oral. She was enjoying my tongue. No problems. She climaxed in my mouth on a couple of occasions. After a few minutes, i slipped it into her ass. I obliged then i blew. Enjoyed ny session. Money well spent. Will definitely be seeing her again. BTW i was never offered a condom so the Vilpage session was bare back. Felt good. Yes Churchy. For you evrrything is a fantasy.

I feel very sorry for you. You must Wives want nsa Melbourne Village a miserable, insular life. I na you need a good rogering. Au revoir. Went to Cleg St during the week. I picked Tammy. Slender body with huge Hot ladies seeking casual sex Moscow. She had quite a few strong orgasms before we proceeded with sex which was covered. Well said brother For Greater Good. All other sites members are meagre peasants and catfish or bottom feeding scum.

Syd 99 is god. Might lead to a bit of fun down the track. Genuine Oz guy. No strings attached if that suits you Pete. Mature male smooth bi looking to meet a mature open minded lass for friendship local You only live once girls.

Sunday, February 17, Let me know if you want me to cum wnt your pictures. Having a session later. Saturday, February 16, 3: Saturday, February 16, Looking to chat Wives want nsa Melbourne Village similar slim, attractive, discreet, professional guy under 40 ideally about wives, exes, experiences and fantasies.

Friday, February 15, 2: Looking for some north florida ladies for some nsa fun let's get to it and fuck like crazy. Thursday, February 14, 7: Any Ladies in Los Angeles area? Want to be my Valentines and go out for a nice Dinner and a movie?

Wednesday, February 13, 6: Any woman from Germany interested in a male Vjllage Wednesday, February 13, 2: Hi there I have a friend who has asked me Wives want nsa Melbourne Village help find a female who he can send naughty flirty messages to on WhatsApp during the daytime only. Would Mebourne be interested in chatting with him for fun? I have added my number to this post so if you message me I will pass your number onto him Thanks Nick Wednesday, Sant 13, 5: Just want to leave in a little note saying thank you to all of you that were a part of my experience.

The love and appreciation for my photos was nothing Wivea of amazing. I nss there's a really great group of people on this forum and Naughty woman wants casual sex Newton will miss you all. Wednesday, February 13, Wives want nsa Melbourne Village Looking for a female to watch gf and I, we both want someone Wives want nsa Melbourne Village watch, she prefers a female.

Wednesday, February 13, 1: Are Vilalge any young guys years old guys on here that are Melboure in experiencing a mature woman? Tuesday, Women looking for sex in biloxi ms 12, Working away in Wives want nsa Melbourne Village during the week, for a lengthy period of time.

Hotel fun being sought with women. Not willing to participate in full sex, due to my relationship status, however I am Mlbourne to mutual masturbation, naked exploration, teasing and orgasm.

Tuesday, February 12, 4: Looking for some tribute pictures. Monday, February 11, 9: Tribute my picture and send me please. Looking for ladies or couples in Devon, Somerset, Dorset or Cornwall for nsa fun. Monday, February 11, 1: Monday, February 11, eMlbourne Sunday, February 10, Sunday, February 10, 6: Looking for big penises to tribute my pics.

Sunday, February 10, 4: Are there Villave ladies in kent or Sussex that would like a nice slow relaxing Wives want nsa Melbourne Village massage Saturday, February 9, In Montana my girl really needs fucked I have a 3inch penis it has no business near a puss like hers send me Wibes pm and let's Wiges this bitch some cock. Friday, February 8, P, i love them older ladies. Thursday, February 7, 8: Thursday, February 7, Looking Married wants sex Richmond a big titted cum slut.

Wednesday, February 6, 8: I want to find out if I am the sissy bottom I think I am. Wednesday, February 6, 6: Tuesday, February 5, 4: Hi I keep getting winked at but can't seem to find out by who, please help. Monday, February 4, 6: Open minded young Villate looking for fun: Sunday, February 3, 5: Any ladies fancy Villagd up? Sunday, February 3, What does a girl have to do around here for some attention? Sunday, February 3, 2: I wanna get MORE naked!!! Sunday, Aant 3, 1: Love the anonymous attention.

Wamt separated. Anyone interested??? Friday, February 1, Friday, February 1, 1: Friday, February 1, 2: HMU SC: Thursday, January 31, 7: Thursday, January 31, 6: Does anyone know of Adult dating Soldiers Grove free apps for iPhone that a person can live stream themselves doing adult things? Thursday, January 31, 8: Thursday, January 31, 2: No meet up. Share through here, email, chat on kik live video Wives want nsa Melbourne Village kik also.

Hope to hear from you. Wednesday, January 30, 7: Wednesday, January 30, 8: Wednesday, Wives want nsa Melbourne Village 30, 5: Tuesday, January 29, Sunday, January 27, 4: Does anyone now Wivves happened to Bustylay???? Saturday, January 26, 4: Saturday, January 26, Friday, January 25, Want a female or many females to play with me cmonnnn xxxxxxx????????????

We as a couple would love to explore fun with someone else. We are interested in females and couples. Melbourrne no single guys. Triutes welcome also. Thursday, January 24, Wives want nsa Melbourne Village Thursday, January 24, 7: There is a site oriented towards meeting people for well Sex, problem is you need to invite one person to actually use it and fake accounts don't really work [I tried!

If anyone is interested Vlilage the link: Thursday, January 24, Love to tribute hot open minded couples send me your request make me cum to you! Thursday, January 24, 3: Hi All, Mrs Naughty loves to receive your tributes. It turns us both on so much! Looking forward to both male and female tributes! Wednesday, January 23, 4: Hey all, looking for like minded people to get nude and have fun with in Central Victoria. NSA, keep it simple.

Tuesday, January Wives want nsa Melbourne Village, 8: Tuesday, January 22, 4: Monday, January 21, 8: Looking for people who have glory holes made in their houses Monday, January 21, 1: Looking for guys to cum tribute my wife.

Monday, January 21, Sunday, January 20, Hi is there any women on here who wants to fuck my ass. Sunday, January 20, 4: Any pagans on this site? Sunday, January 20, 3: Sunday, January 20, 2: Hey there, looking Az lady looking for a lady friend a girl that is in Germany or from Germany and is interested.

Friday, January 18, I am looking for anyone who would like to swap pics and maybe more. Please contact me. Hope you are all enjoying. Get in touch and let me know.

Friday, January 18, 5: I did this Wives want nsa Melbourne Village and would love to Villagge if we could do it again - you leave a pair and tell me where they are and I will collect and leave a pair for you - if you tell me your size will buy new ones for you for your used ones. Thursday, January 17, 2: Wednesday, January 16, 7: Any guys or women here Wuves want to see a fuck hole go from medium to x large? If so message me for a follow. Wednesday, January 16, Tuesday, January 15, 1: Tuesday, January 15, 7: I would enjoy sucking Asian males or worshiping their cocks with my mouth to feel them cum in my mouth.

Send me message if interested. Tuesday, January 15, 4: I'd like to share a sexy fantasy with a strap-on girl Monday, January 14, Hello girls im a mature charming friendly guy with a nice big smooth cock want some days out and some sexy fun and frolics?

Sunday, January 13, Can be in person Wives want nsa Melbourne Village textingluv oral both giving and receiving. Sunday, January 13, 9: Sunday, January 13, Wives want nsa Melbourne Village Anyone else from tennessee here? Saturday, January 12, 2: Any one close to Poughkeepsie NY Adult looking nsa Bowerston Ohio might want to meet or at least chat?

Saturday, January 12, 1: For some reason every time I load a picture it gets taken down. A couple were Vjllage for 2 days and they wajt gone too. I tried to reload them but again they get taken down. I am not sure the problem. They are just a few older pics of my wife. Can someone please look into this or tell me why? Thank you. Friday, January na, 8: Any ladies in Kent UK who would like me to cum on their tits? Friday, January 11, 3: Friday, January 11, Anyone want Wives want nsa Melbourne Village check out my pics and vids?

Thursday, January 10, How did you handle it? Wednesday, January 9, Wednesday, January 9, 9: I get thoughts of being Bi, must be the photos on here, not felt that before. Tuesday, January 8, My wife has started to tease me that she wants to make me suck my first cock. She doesn't want to join Looking 4 a mature older woman to chat with but wants to watch. Tuesday, January 8, 8: Tuesday, January 8, 2: Would like photos and exchange comments with a mother to be.

Monday, January 7, We're looking for men to do cum tributes for my wife. We've got lots of offer's but nobody cums through. This is not a loaded question: I remember somebody saying she was converted to Wives want nsa Melbourne Village. Not from family. Not from filed records. Did GF search for one? With all of then attention this case has had, it seems strange that her provenance is still not known.

Should be enough for a striped Adult want hot sex Fort Valley Virginia for each backer.

With a disclaimer that I am no handwriting specialist, I would suggest that either the note was written by lots of diffferent people unlikely or the authorities have managed to pick up lots of different layers of a busy scratchpad more likely, I think. Some observations: The bottom line less round, but a very clear bar although that might be from the flourished AB I: I think these imprints are the result of different owners of the book at different times, or at least different people, happening to rest something on the book to write….

The spaces between the characters is a little bit all over the place too…. Of course, that being the case, it does seem a little interesting that there are no numbers…. Wives want nsa Melbourne Village, suggests a suicide note. I would offer: Time to look at unknown boy stealing motor bike at Broken Hill then apparently dumping it at Adelaide 24 hours later, inBroken Hill to Adelaide, Wives want nsa Melbourne Village ,corrugated potholed road, in the evening, fuel refill?

Broken Hill to Adelaide is approx kms. In the dark, on a very bad dirt road. The beginning of this story is very strange and Wives want nsa Melbourne Village quite right. A, Wives want nsa Melbourne Village, D, G: This is an internationaly adopted notation style, the writer could have spoken any language besides English. Doing both at the same time could result in unvoluntary doodles: W, M, N? It could be a custom character to indicate the time signature.

Metronome maybe? Middle finger, pan to E, Thumb is that a period? Pink little finger. Nobody can solve this case without 1. So it is quite possible that the piece of Adult seeking nsa Ruidoso was just a distraction.

If you Wives want nsa Melbourne Village stealing a motorcycle, a joyride? He told the police the clothes were inside the suitcase when dumped at Somerton Beach, so, if only the clothes were found-where did the suitcase end up? In Adelaide Railway Station? The trousers in the suitcase, I read, had sand in the turnups. Re; Broken Hill etc. Prosper drove to Broken Hill quite often and dealt with rifle sales. Nick, we have more than a little evidence of Prosper wanting a rifle — he placed an ad for one during the inquest.

Rifle wantedautomatic Winchester, model 63 or similar, for cash. Thomson 90A Moseley Street. I would agree that we have exactly a little evidence of Prosper wanting to buy a rifle on one occasion, though no evidence that he actually bought one, or even ever owned one. Nick, Ok, I agree, Prosper may have dealt with rifle sales on one or two occasions and Broken Hill did have its rifle clubs. Unless, of course, it had been arranged previously. And why dump the bike and walk down to Pt Noarlunga-was it out of fuel?

Maybe he is known maybe the people of his comunity dont care about him didnt want to speak up maybe some were scared to speak up maybe some thought who cares about him. Was there a branch in the US at the time? How well did the shoes fit?

If it was, the shoes might not have been made-to-order or bespoke and the maker imitated the location of the name from more expensive shoes instead of stamping it. No conclusion can be had because people Wives want nsa Melbourne Village with shoes in the price range mentioned that have hardly been worn and those could be donated to a second-hand store. Rich or poor, some people are maintenance-minded.

Indications are that SM had another container apart from the suitcase and he surely had a wallet.

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There is no single explanation for missing tags. His financial circumstances are unknown. The idea is just that most of the code is garbage, except the letters that are valid Roman Numerals. Wives want nsa Melbourne Village garbage letters are used as distraction. And what about the X? Well, it fits the Glenelg phone number pretty well: That could explain why the X sits above the 76234 sex chat line, to avoid getting added to the Roman Numerals.

I was disappointed to find that. Cheer, Simon. The elusive Donald Sterling and his Vollage history would make Wives want nsa Melbourne Village crazy. Clever, clever, clever as teen writing code for a three year old.

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Adam Tokowitz anyone! I was thinking about the abnormal splenic enlargement, did a google search and one cause stuck Mdlbourne to me….

Incidentally, am I the Wives want nsa Melbourne Village person who sometimes likes to do jigsaws upside down? Here is my work on this cipher, looking at it from right to left. The last entry I could find was 27 April — a report that Wives want nsa Melbourne Village had been found after escaping the hospital. I have not been able to get permission to view hospital records, but am curious if he spent more time at Parkside.

Another possibly dubious claim says that Jess Thompson worked there as a charge nurse sometime Wives want nsa Melbourne Village the 60s. Once again I was not allowed to view hospital records, but would be interested to know if this was wnat. They may well have records relating to the whole sad Mangnoson affair that Melbouene deem are now historically ok to release at this Viplage of time. Nick — in the interests of sharing all the bounty: I indeed nxa the comment over at your site.

I went back and looked at my message that I posted on 09 DEC I believe that I have it correctly Villwge now. The Somerton Man nsw Jestyn were Melblurne spies having an affair. He wrote her number in his copy of the Rubaiyat which she gave him, like she gave a copy to Alf, with whom she could have supposedly had some sort of romantic relationship i read somewhere that he made romantic gestures but she rebuffed them because she was married? Maybe more happened than she let on, i mean she wrote a poem in it for him?

So it makes sense Wives want nsa Melbourne Village might have given Somerton Man one too Whores in Bear Delaware pa they were seeing eachother. Somerton Man was an enemy spy which could explain why he wrote her number in the back of the book so lightly it could only be seen under ultraviolet light; he obviously couldnt write it in his diary could he?

The code could be something only known by and relevant to Summerton Man and Jestyn, hence why it was written next to her number. This would explain why his luggage was so mish mashed. He was a spy, he travelled a lot, hence the different origins of the clothing and such. He could have packed any mish mash of clothes to avoid Woman looking real sex Annawan looking suspicious when going through customs.

His luggage is that of someone visiting briefly. Perhaps he was going to see Melbpurne supposed son? Her reaction, going extremely white to the point where she looked as if she was going to faint when being shown the Village of the man, again backs Wives want nsa Melbourne Village my theory: It was done to hurt her and send a message. Sucks Wives want nsa Melbourne Village the code is still a mystery though.

Because surnames Pendleton horney girls passed down from father Village son in many cultures, and the Melborune chromosome is passed from father to son with a predictable rate of mutation, people with the same surname can use genealogical DNA testing to determine if they share a common ancestor within a genealogical timeframe.

Could it not just be that Wives want nsa Melbourne Village commited suicide and Wives want nsa Melbourne Village stuff with the book in the third paragraph there is either mischief-making or completely coincidental?

But as Rachel is an adoptee and not legally a Thomson she is not really going to get anywhere! Reynolds story but the following is a bit of a coincidence. Reynolds, the proprietor, would be stolen. On Wednesday night the car, a model Chrysler Imperial sedan, number BU, ,was removed from Collins place, city. He said the Wkves had told him that a gang of thieves intended to steal the car Wives want nsa Melbourne Village had Wivs obtained a set Woman seeking casual sex Bee Ridge duplicate keys for it.

I mentioned the story before back in where I wrote:. However, this was presumably also the same H. Reynolds who transferred a hotel licence for Phoenix Hotel Co not long before 27th Aprilso we can almost certainly rule him out […].

Reynolds mentioned could well have died in the preceding licence period two years? So perhaps Wives want nsa Melbourne Village would be interesting to look at T. Fitzmaurice and Ettie Lilian Powers a little, see where they lead. I just wanted to let you know that I have the Taman Shud decoding on my website http: Have recently been trying to follow up on something I had previously dismissed and wondered what other peoples thoughts were. I wonder if anyone has looked at the numbers as Longitude or Latitude.

Just a thought. Also nobody thinks the writting is a language but has anyone tried to translate it. Lao weather in estonesian: Loa in vietnamese is speakers: People have been using combinations of Wives want nsa Melbourne Village for Wives want nsa Melbourne Village, or spelling things out backwards in another language to confuse people.

Look at the Harlem Shake when translated it means Down with the Terrorist. Yet, few noticed Melboyrne looked at that. Hidden meanings in front of your face -so-per-say. Just another thought. Where have numbers [4] [8] [15] [16] [23] [48] come Lover fuck married woman on the woods They look like the numbers from LOST.

Has anyone tried reversing the entire code and filling in the letters as a simple cipher. Could it reversed enciphered Malay? And of course Marshall was Malaysian. I took each line and reversed each one in English. Check out my work and give me your feedback. Thank you very much. Did you ever consider that the old bugger H. Reynolds may well have died in 48 and yet arose again, he being prop. Did anyone Wivees give any thoughts Wivea the Bickford family a very secretive Wives want nsa Melbourne Village you never met and of course owners of the big pad overlooking S.

Quite a few were born in the early 20th century, some even in the old house and one may have had the yen to see the old place one more time. Just a thought and by the bye, check out the profile picks of actor Charles Bickford, a spitting image of S. M on the slab. John sanders: Here is a interesting result applying a standard vignere encryption http: Heck, the book might not even be related to the man on the beach.

Is there any strong relation between the tamam shud note Mrlbourne the Melbourje pocket and the book? Same font matching that edition for example? The ripped out portion does not match the Wives want nsa Melbourne Village directly. Nsw mismatch of font in the book would rule out the note coming from wantt book.

I have not found any note relating to a Melbohrne of this which is a little strange to me. Was the book so rare? That is a mystery on its own: By the way did you notice that both ciphertext and passphrase were taken from the note? If Wany were to choose whatever passphrase I like of course I could produce anything Melbournne to get a somewhat meaningful answer by just using data from the note seems coincidental. Just so you know. I just say there is a coincidence.

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Or some other attempt involving said text. Aside from: Does not make an iota of sense in my mind. Lots of possibilities here. Yes, I totally see that point. But in honest I think the number of letters we have Wives want nsa Melbourne Village this cipher is too few to make any statistics on.

It might be Vjllage attempts at the same, maybe very short, phrase. Or we have letters in different configurations. As there is no way MMelbourne this point of knowing Wives want nsa Melbourne Village context Wife seeking real sex Lake Lorraine these letters I think any assumption about them is limiting the understanding of them.

As I understand the letters are not even written in the book but indentations caused by writing on Wivse paper laying on top of the indented Looking for 36g or larger woman. Am I right?

If this is the case the Wives want nsa Melbourne Village and markings might not even be written at wqnt same time for the same purpose. Overlaying different markings, like the line though the first MLIAOI might not be a strike through but another line related to other lines on the paper. Nick — absolutely Wives want nsa Melbourne Village, Melboune point was more aimed at Johan.

Hi Nick: But if you Sweet women seeking nsa dating lines a programme such as CryptoCrack and put character-long enciphered messages into it, you will almost always see the message or something very close to it in its list of best guesses.

And who puts the flowers there? No DNA samples have been taken yet. Can I have a turn Hal? Australian security was at this time very risky as the Americans blackballed Australia from all access to secrets. Unless you have evidence you can point me to? The reason she passed the book, is because it is the cypher. Without the original and knowing what page, paragraph, etc. I am a 32 year old Belgian woman and I believe to have discovered important breakthrough Wives want nsa Melbourne Village on an Australian cold case: The Tamam Shud case aka The Somerton man.

I have found a huge breakthrough in the case of the Somerton Man: The job is such a specific one, that it narrows down the possibilities for his identity in a significant way.

First of all — as many — I believed the Somerset man to be involved with music of some kind. As I believed he was a musician I went looking for a link between this calve muscle and an instrument. I found that an organ player would often have strongly developed calve muscles due to their playing. Also organists would have pointy shoes Melhourne hit the right pedal … as I went on in my research I found more Villahe more clues leading to the same conclusion.

When I came to the suitcase contents, most of them are in a basic repair set for an organ. I mean the zinc square, the stenciling set, the wax threat … are were commonly used for the repair of organs at the specific time. At the Wives want nsa Melbourne Village it was also noticed that the Somerton man shoes were very neat, which is a trait typical for organists as well. There is such thing as an organ needle …. I think all above proves that we are no Wives want nsa Melbourne Village looking for a missing person, but a missing organist.

There are only few cases of missing organists and I invite you to all look into it. I believe the end is near and our Somerton man will be identified any Real ladies i would love to talk to you soon. Please contact me asap by email: Shirleyshowdown [at] gmail [dot] com. The nearest was an organist in the RAAF who was thought to have been in a plane crash in They also play with 3 parts of the foot — the Wives want nsa Melbourne Village, the heel and when they have to reach extremes on the pedalboard the side of the foot.

Large clunky shoes make this difficult, and risk you hitting two keys when you play with the toe. Sorry to burst any bubbles, but the calf muscles related to organ playing is not a theory worth pursuing. At all. Pushing down on a light weight wooden pedal is less strenuous than walking…or even standing. The champion organ player in my high school advanced music class was a 50kg girl with stick legs.

And my 80 year old Nana still plays the organ.

To be honest, enlarged calf muscles like SM had, as well as the issues he had with his toes, can realistically point to ballet…. Unfortunately they all seem to have gone to heaven or left town. It seems that this family had been in The BH area forever bred like newts to boot and its more than as likely not that another 17 year old with a less socially reliable background might be our man.

Please advise if any other info has surfaced. I can explain almost every object in his suitcase, the loupe, the wax string, etcetera, etcetera. I am only sure about the organist theory, it would help us a great deal because that would narrow down the possibilities enormesly … I will Viklage Lawrence K Whipp, who went missing american in paris after the war.

During the war a lot Wjves Wives want nsa Melbourne Village were occupied by the german, who kept the organist for entertainment Viklage and after they were always in strange positions as they were often seen as collaborating. Not saying this is the case, but it is an option. On the organist, however, THAT i wat sur eabout. The loupe, for example, could Free mature pussy near Fort Benton Montana have been one for searching organ needle breakage.

The razor strap, was not a razor Wives want nsa Melbourne Village, in fact but an organ bellow. As I am located in Belgium I could use some Wives want nsa Melbourne Village locating all organs … Jestyn being a nurse perhaps hospital organs also? Regarding the Organ or more specifically about dismissing the idea because some little old lady plays the OrganI have two thoughts… — some organists may practice or even play regularly on a harmonium or similar where you pedal the air yourself — and those pedals need more strength than the pedalboard on an organ you constantly twist your foot pivoting at the angle — I could believe that developing your calf ….

Of course, it could be a prominent European organist displaced by the war…but we digress. I remain convinced Melhourne this was a failed attempt to Wives want nsa Melbourne Village a message hence the tragic Looking for fun with my thick Las Vegas Nevada of the incident.

However there are some peripheral aspects that I should comment on that are related and I think might create some discussion. I believe a simple and logical reason might be that these items could well have been Married woman looking real sex Happy Valley-Goose Bay seconds that had their manufacturers tags removed prior to sending off to people like the Red Cross, naafi, asco or other service related charities, hospitals and the like for distribution men returning from POW internment or the like.

I do Wives want nsa Melbourne Village that my synopsis is worthy at least of some merit and would like to see some input from others either for or agin. The foregoing was revealed whilst analyzing the shadowed rift within the letter Adult wants sex Caryville Tennessee forming the first letter Meblourne the word implicitly.

Another message in plain advises not to believe Wuves that might be found under the letter Q. Genealogists would fall over themselves looking for lost relations that Wives want nsa Melbourne Village the SM profile. So, yes, I am hopeful that SM will be identified within the next Horney woman looking hot swinger years. We know that two middle-aged male bodies occupied shelves in the same refrigeration unit at the Adelaide mortuary from the 15th Wies December to the 23rd of February, both had been poisoned, both had similar autopsy incisions.

One man had left only his name in a hotel register, the other body had no identification when found. During this period there Wives want nsa Melbourne Village many visitors to the mortuary, all claiming to know the man whose face and profile had been published Wivss the local press. These photographs were of the body discovered on the waht of December and were taken by Police Photographer PJ Durham on the 3rd.

Laurie Elliott, a skilled embalmer, returned to Adelaide from England in early January and was invited by the nsw to visit the morgue where he was asked if he could embalm one of the two male bodies stored Wives want nsa Melbourne Village the refrigeration unit. Meblourne obliged and commenced work on the 10th of January assisted by Const Sutherland, who Melbiurne the body had three small scars inside the left wrist, one inside the left elbow and a scar or boil mark on nas upper left forearm.

One body was buried on February 23rd. The Wives want nsa Melbourne Village of the head, by all accounts, was in an advanced state of rot despite the embalming. Some think they were ns about the first Wives want nsa Melbourne Village found, in particular its ears as Lawson had yet to commence making his ear casts.

They think the shape, size and structure of the ears Lawson attached to the bust were the result of the conversation he had Melborne Durham, and were not those of the body he was Mwlbourne on. We know exactly who Tibor Kaldor was, and he was someone else. Pete bowes: Clive chanced upon a newspaper article that changed everything … But everything remains the same here.

For a start, Tibor Kaldor was Wives want nsa Melbourne Village Wivee 23 Februaryand Lawson started on the plaster cast on June 2nd Pete and Nick: Misca and Milongal. If yes, why. If no, why not. Mdlbourne support it because I believe this is the best and probably only way to ID him. After all these years, what do we know for certain?

Are we certain Jestyn knew SM? Maybe, back inJestyn told the truth. That she did not know who he was. Maybe, this family is a dead end.

Australia has excellent archives, what is missing is the historical imagination to make full use of them. No disrespect intended but I have no idea what that means. I merely asked a few simple Villags and would appreciate a few simple answers. At Wives want nsa Melbourne Village time, I thought this was a major break in the case. However, since then, nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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Bumpkin if I may: We know a body was found on a beach with a few posessions including bus and train tickets. We know that some time later a suitcase left at the Railway station was most likely related. What if he forgot to record any number and then had to cover his arse? The more recent MH debacle is a good example how a series of lies, misinterpretations and butt covering can lose a large aircraft — this case is far smaller scale and Horny couples in Odell United States needs a few white lies to create Wives want nsa Melbourne Village totally different Wives want nsa Melbourne Village to what happened.

Basically, we know very little for certain, but we have deduced a reasonable scenario which on the balance of probability explains a lot of what happened Wives want nsa Melbourne Village days — just without the level of detail we want.

We have no name, we have no identity. Without them, we can only speculate what SM was doing in Adelaide or at Somerton. We have the curious reaction when she was shown the bust. It is sort of worth noting that her reaction is according to 2 people present although they both said it at different times, and the memory is easily influenced by what other people say — and the reactions are described somewhat differently. I think a lot is read into the reaction, but I could quite easily explain it away at least to some degree.

Not even close to certain. Speculation of the highest degree, based around ears, I think. Ladies seeking nsa Fairwater Wisconsin assume so, but have never really followed that line at all.

Not really. Maybe Hollywood has shaped my perception of what a spy should look like and maybe the fact that I dismiss them as likely spies shows that they could have beenbut I struggle to see it….

Milongal; Thank you for the responses. Do you support Wives want nsa Melbourne Village oppose exhuming the body to do a DNA test? It may answer some questions, or it may create a lot more as seems to happen all too often in this case. It does, however, sort of Wives want nsa Melbourne Village to an interesting question — at what point do we consider this to be solved? Does knowing who SM was as in name and family appease us, or do we need more? Even if Robyn was an illegitimate son he fathered, Wives want nsa Melbourne Village only connects him to Jestyn who we sort of already connect him to — and it still may not tell us who he is.

His personal belongings are difficult to resolve. So someone took the wallet — People to fuck in Amarillo particularly unlikely in that…except the unused Train ticket. When I lived in Canberra I used to get confused because rear doors were only used at interchanges — even in artics, so you almost always alighted by the front door. So these two tickets which tie SM to the railway station the bus one was believed to have been the 6th of 9?

Certainly I would think back then the Railway Station would be the busiest stop between there and Anzac Highway, so 6th ticket is quite plausibly sold there. Sorry that drifted a long way. The tickets bug me — and to me at least one of them seems to be planted so why not both.

Alternatively, perhaps the perpetrator s were looking for something in the wallet. Perhaps there they found one or both tickets and left them. So perhaps we can explain the absence of a wallet and the presence of the tickets without evidence Wives want nsa Melbourne Village. But what were they looking for Wives want nsa Melbourne Village Were they for whatever inexplicable reason looking for the Tamam Shud fragment?

Was there something else they wanted possibly which they found? IMO, this case will be solved when, Wives want nsa Melbourne Village at all possible; A Somerton Man has been positively identified.

B The manner and cause of death has been determined. C If this was a homicide, a person of interest has been identified. As to who should pay for the exhumation; IMO the government, that is, the tax-payers of South Australia should. No relatives could be found, and noone claimed the body.

I think we could but not necessarily will get a much clearer picture on how he came to be poisoned, and perhaps by whom and I suppose that might make the cause clearer too…. Wives want nsa Melbourne Village ahead…. This case is interesting read: I guess the pragmatist in me asks what would we gain through an exhumation and who would that gain Wives want nsa Melbourne Village Thank you for your responses.

I assume Nick feels the same way. I guess this mystery this is fated to go unsolved. At the moment Gordon is going interesting directions. Personally I think things will turn out to be relatively mundane. Oh, and today the shiny shoes bother me. Most Adelaide beaches like Wives want nsa Melbourne Village beaches? I sort of think if we can explain some of the apparent anomalies in the small scale, the bigger picture might start to come into focus…. Nick; Unless their is a major breakthrough in the case, I have nothing Adult wants nsa Milwaukee Wisconsin 53221 to contribute.

As you have likely seen, the blogspot site has published a SAPol document from summarising the case…. Regarding 2 above: The code potentially looks to a suspicious and conspiratorial mind that the code was transcribed by someone who had some idea of how it should be laid out. While I struggle to convince myself that there is anything more than the mundane explanation someone just arbitrarily split the lines and made some mistakes in transcriptionit bothers me rather a lot — at the very least I think it shows how the police were thinking about the code at the time….

Only in that world, in my opinion, is Gordon making progress. After years of research you are still in the same place you started, not a position to judge in my view, so perhaps you could consider a hard pruning. Which is good. Promises are one thing, delivery is another. I was very close to posting my Somerton Man research around then, but lost interest thanks to the intensely personal attacks I was receiving on a regular basis.

You let Chloe Wives want nsa Melbourne Village … how convenient of you to forget the poor handicapped schoolgirl and her infamous accusations on this site. That was very poor of you Nick, and permanently fractured our online Mature swingers los angeles ca. I Wives want nsa Melbourne Village for the nth timeif you have the tiniest piece of proof that demonstrates that she is the troll you say she is, please feel free to share.

Especially over a case that is almost 68 years old and is of limited interest to the general public. Bumpkin Wives want nsa Melbourne Village trolls: This case seems to bring out the worst in a lot of people.

His site is pretty good for stating the original known facts of the case although some of them seem to contradict across different pages — but that happens on all sites. This site has attracted a lot of fights, trolls and other interesting stuff — ironically often caused when bloggers from the other sites visit. IMO this disclaimer and the connection to this group is a deliberate attempt to legitimise his site over all others.

More recently but still based on the microcode GC has drifted to a specific group of immigrants, one of whom happened to be poisoned in Adelaide around the same time as SM. I sort of get a feeling that he might stumble across the right identity, but not for the right reasons.

I find this site a little ironic. Pete is a fiction writer, writing a fictionalised Wives want nsa Melbourne Village around SM, but is quick to accuse other people of making things up or not fact-checking properly. I originally found his site to be interesting, but found he was quick to engage people who disagreed with him and try to shut them down sometimes quite agressively. To each their own, eh?

I get disappointed when Nick focuses on on the Somerton man for posts on end, and we go months without Horny women in Grafton, IA post about the Voynich Manuscript. Milongal; Thank you for the responses and info.

By that, I mean, no pet theories. I wait, sometimes for weeks, for a SM update. Thank you. However, looking further into the suitcase contents I tried to find the origin of the items.

I have found the tie to be a very particular one. That is a cavalry Sioux Birmingham iowa sex dating of the British Army that existed in many shapes and forms all over the world.

If the SM belonged to this regiment, the items such as the stencil brush could have been his gun cleaning tools. It would also explain his good physical shape, the calve muscles horseriding and even the one collar stud, as the guards had detachable collars.

As the army is very firm on shoe polishing and neatness that would also explain some known facts on the SM. Anyone interested in further exploring this? Has anyone researched the suitcase label? Would A be a traveling label or is it a label police gave to evidence? Is it possible that the label is in fact a date, that would be6th of mei of 5th of june? Just to throw in a consideration which occurred to me by way of idle association a couple of days ago.